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Check out our interview on NYCityWeddings.com

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We were so excited when we were approached for an interview for NYCityWeddings.com. If you are not familiar with this site, it is a resource for brides getting married in the Long Island and NY metro area. Here brides can find vendors of any sort as well as mingle and chat with other brides to be. It was a great resource when I was planning my very own wedding.

Click here for the interview.

Ask a Planner: Wedding Websites

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Q: A few of our friends and family have asked if we have a wedding website set up. Honestly, it has never crossed my mind to do one but now I’m contemplating whether or not I should. Is this something that many couples do and will it really benefit us and our guests?

A: Wedding websites are very popular these days. Although, they aren’t a necessity, they do have many good aspects to them. Their general purpose is to keep people connected to your wedding in an informal way. You can tell people how you and your fiance started dating, how you got engaged, and when/where you plan to exchange nuptials.

There are many different hosting websites {The Knot, Wedding Channel, etc} that allow you to set up a personal page free of charge. Our personal favorite is MyWedding.com. They allow you to get personal and creative with features like:

  • music
  • photo galleries {perfect for displaying your engagement pictures}
  • wedding party introduction
  • accommodations {for hotel blocks}
  • attractions {perfect for out of town guests}
  • R.S.V.P. tracker
  • registry information
  • custom pages

A wedding website can be as simple or elaborate as you would like it to be. The more elaborate, the more time consuming they are to create. If you’re worried about the time it takes to put into setting up the website, some event companies {like ourselves} give clients an a la carte option of designing one for them.


Engraved Stones Favor or Decor Idea

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When I think of stones or pebbles being used as a decor element, I think serene and longevity. Once the event is over, they can be used in your garden or your retreat in your home surrounded by candles. Here are pictures of engraved options so you can always have your event “etched in stone”

Source: Jane Raven Glass

Tweed – Texture Design Element

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When I came across this tweed wedding gown, I knew there had to be much more where it came from. I know I sound like a broken record when stating that adding texture to your wedding or event is a great way to make a statement. Remember people love to use their senses to add to their experience. Here are some great ways to use Tweed without it being too overbearing:
The Bride

Source: Nibsblog

The Groom

Source: Geoff White Photography

The Decor

Source: The Knot

Source: Martha Stewart

This pillow can easily be transformed into a ring bearer pillow.

Source: Peoples Warehouse

The Wedding Salon

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Monday I had the opportunity to visit The Wedding Salon’s showcase at one of New York’s finest venues: The Roosevelt Hotel.

There were many highlights of the night. Some of my personal favorites were viewing the gorgeous tablescapes, tasting delishes treats, meeting fabulous vendors who I can not wait to connect with, and gushing over the amazing bridal gowns of the season.

The pictures I took doesn’t do the event justice {add new camera to my long list of things to do!} Enjoy!

Oh and another highlight of the night- Meeting Colin Cowie, author of Wedding Chic. I got this book a few weeks ago and have been glued to it, so I definitely urge everyone to go out and get a copy!


Ask a Planner: Battle of the Fathers

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Q: I grew up with my step father who I love dearly, but my biological father has always been involved in my life. I would like to honor them both at the wedding but I’m not sure how to do it without making one of them feel bad. What do you suggest?

A: I think it’s great that you want to honor both fathers since they have played significant roles in your life. I also think that you should keep your father and step father abreast on which decision you ultimately decide on because communication is best in these type of family situations. Usually you find that people are willing to comply and respect the relationship you have with the other person. Here are some ideas:

You can have one father walk you down the aisle and dance with the other father at the reception. If you feel like this is too hard to split up between the two, you can divide the same task between the two. Have your step father start off walking you down the aisle while your father waits for you in the middle. Then your stepfather can hand you off to him and you can complete your walk.

For the father and daughter dance, you can dance with one father for half the song and the other father for the second half. Another possibility is to choose two songs that have a special meaning for each father. Dance with one father in the beginning of the recpeption and the other father after the cake is cut.


Vendor Spotlight: Perfect Petals Atlanta

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Last Friday my client and I had the opportunity to explore the offices of Perfect Petals Atlanta. Our tour guide and owner Christine, created several examples of centerpiece displays and options for us to pick and choose from. Some of their pieces I have never seen at any florist before. Christine and her staff strive to take things up a notch by designing pieces that are unique to clients’ personalities as well as style. We cannot wait until October comes to share with you all of the design elements for our Old Hollywood theme. Here are some pictures from Christine’s past clients and shows:

Have you signed up for the blogging workshop?

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In case you missed my previous post, amazing wedding planner and blogging guru Liene Stephens from The Smart Planner is coming to a town near you with her blogging workshop. I am excited to co-host two of the workshops taking place in Atlanta, GA at the Bridal Bar on May 6th and in New York at Gary’s Loft on May 27th. Here is additional information regarding the workshop.

The Smart Planner Blogging Bootcamp is open to all wedding professionals, not just wedding planners. This bootcamp is the best and most comprehensive workshop on social media for wedding professionals on the market. It is from 9 am – 4 pm and with over 16 cities across the United States on the calendar, there’s sure to be one near you!

Since the launch of the Blue Orchid Blog in 2006, it has grown to include over 3000 unique daily visitors and is partially to credit for the launch of two new Blue Orchid Designs offices on the East Coast. It was also the catalyst for The Smart Planner, a company that provides business resources and coaching to professional wedding consultants. In the Blogging Bootcamp, Liene will share specific strategies and techniques she has personally used to grow the Blue Orchid Designs and The Smart Planner blogs to where they are today.

Topics covered will include:
*How to discover and leverage your blogging voice
*How to maximize your blogging ROI
*How to develop killer content – consistently
*How to set short term and long term goals for your blog
*How to effectively analyze your stats and blog traffic
*How to increase your readership and keep them coming back for more
*Specific strategies and techniques to use your blog to improve your main website’s SEO or “findability” on Google
*How to promote your brand through your blog’s design and content
*Maintaining professional boundaries while still being personable
*And more!

The Blogging Bootcamp will not be a class on blogging philosophy. You already know that blogging is a good idea. We’ll be showing you how to do it so that it is worth your time. No topic will be off the table, and any questions you may have will be fair game.

Space is limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis so reserve your spot now! Laptops are optional and lunch will be provided.

To register for Atlanta click here.
To register for NY click here.

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