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h2o can be sexy!

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A few months back Bling h2o water was all the rave. Being a lover of all things bling I could see why. These bottles are sexy, flirty and fun. Of course anything that can add to your design element and can be used for other things is a winner.

Then I realized retailers were catching on, why not create great packaging for water that can be highlighted in photos. Of course water bottles with personalized labels are still very appealing, brides may want to look into some of these options as well:

Source: 1 Litre

This one is my absolute favorite. I can just see them on the table during an outside tenting wedding in mixture of colors representing the couple’s color scheme!
Source: Blog

Colored Champagne Shooters

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I came across this picture on my daily blog cruising, and thought this was such a cute idea. I have seen champagne shooters at weddings and events in different styles, not never I have never seen them colored and displayed in such a way. This will be sure to have your guests hovering over the display tasting out several different flavors.

Source: Blog

A weekend full of celebrity weddings

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Not only was the weather beautiful in most of the United States, but two celebrity weddings took place this weekend. First up is the wedding reception of Salma Hayek. I just love her gown, as well as her flowers.

Source: ET online
Next up is the wedding of Heidi and Spencer. I do not watch the Hills so not much I can say about this couple. From what I read this wedding is the real deal and not faked like the nuptials that took place a few months ago in Mexico.

Source: Celeb Glitz

Ask a Planner: Fear of Being a Bridezilla

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Q: I’m finding it really hard to get the things I want across to my bridesmaids. By “things”, I don’t mean material items, but just overall expectations. I have two bridesmaids that have visible tattoos that I would like to be covered but I just have such a hard time trying to tell them without sounding like a bridezilla. The same feelings apply with telling them about the dress I picked out. I don’t know why I’m expecting the worse, but do you have any ideas for getting the information across that would make the process smoother.

A: You have very valid reasons for being concerned. As a bride you will be telling many people along the way what your wants and expectations are. The word bridezilla has been blown out of context lately. Having a specific vision or desire does not make a person a bridezilla- how they approach and act in certain situations do.

The issue with your bridesmaids that have tattoos can be a little touchy because some people feel as though their tattoos are a part of their identity. It’s best to talk to them privately and honestly about the subject to get a feel of their thoughts about it. The worst thing is to be pushy about it. It helps the situation when you offer a solution to the problem. Do a little homework on temporary tattoo cover-ups before talking to them and offer to pay for it.

As far as everything else, my best advice would be to put together a newsletter. They are a fun way to keep everyone abreast on updates, appointments, and everything else related to the wedding. Free templates can be downloaded at Microsoft Office Online. Having luncheons with your bridesmaids is also another idea. It can be an opportunity to get quality girl time in with your ladies and discuss wedding things in a stress free environment. Most importantly, remember why you picked these ladies to by your side. They should be the main people you feel comfortable talking to because they are an essential part of your big day. Good luck!


Wedding dresses on Grey’s Anatomy

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I just love to watch TV. However I almost never do it in real time. I am a DVR kinda of girl and cannot tell you the last time I actually seen a commercial.

On most nights you will catch me in my sitting area of my bedroom with feet propped up, laptop on my lap and the TV watching me. This usually goes on until about midnight. Or until Jeff tells me to get off and spend some quality time. Yes I am truly a workaholic.

Most of the shows I enjoy are reality TV (Real Housewives of any state anyone?), but I do check out CSI Miami as well as 24 (Jeff refuses to call Keifer Sutherland anything but Jack Baur). Of course there is room in my life for the chick flick kinda shows. In enters Grey’s Anatomy. I must admit I have stayed on for the up and downs of Meredith and Derrick (I have always been a Meredith fan but not Angelina, we will save this for another post). I am still all giddy inside when I watch it and love that Bailey is finally showing her softer side.

So in case you missed last nights episode, Meredith and Derrick are getting married! Last night she tried on a barrage of dresses with many of them looking a hot mess. But the last one, which looks like it will be the one she will pick, looked amazing on her!

I wonder if Shonda Rhimes plans to write Meredith’s pregnancy into the show? What did you think of last night’s episode?

Fantastic Finds- Wine Favor Accessory

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Are you considering wine bottle favors and would like the perfect accessory to compliment it? Try pairing them with these wine-cork candles. We love that they’re unique and practical. Find them at Wisteria.


ATL Event – Shecky’s Girls Night Out plus our First Giveaway!!!

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Cure Your Recession Depression at Shecky’s Girls Night Out!

Economy got you down? Grab your BFF’s and de-stress at Shecky’s Girls Night Out – the only event where you can sip delicious complimentary cocktails, grab chic fashions at amazing prices, sample new products and score free swag inside Shecky’s Famous Goodie Bag – all under one roof!

Date: Wed.-Thu., May6th – 7th, 2009
Time: 5pm – 10pm
Place: The Biltmore Ballrooms
817 W. Peachtree St. (5th & 6th Sts.)

General Admission Tickets: FREE For Shecky’s Insiders! (Insiders are subscribers to Sheckys.com)
Famous Goodie Bag Tickets: $15 Limited Time Offer (was $25) | $35 at the Door

For details and tickets, please visit: here

Shecky’s girls night out swag bag is one of the biggest with real goodies I have ever seen. We are so excited to give away three goodie bag tickets for you and a friend. Just leave a comment as to why you need a girls night out! Contest closes on Monday April 27, 2009. We will randomly pick a winner on April 30, 2009.

Chocolate Covered Cherries

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We also hear about chocolate covered strawberries. But what about that old time treat that was often found on children order forms? The chocolate covered goodness of cherries. As seen in the picture below you can compliment the cherries with a cup of coffee or use them as an alternative to the infamous strawberries.

Source: top, bottom left, bottom right

Inspiration Station- Keep the Kids Entertained

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Nothing is worse than a child who is bored and understimulated at an event. There’s so many secrets to keeping them entertained, but here’s a couple of things to keep in mind:

Treats are sweet! Kids love anything fun and delishes. If you are having a kids table, perhaps you may want to place a nice bouquet of lollipops as the centerpiece. Not only are they visually fun, but they taste good!

source: Candy Spirit

If you want to keep the decor elegant but still provide the same purpose, this centerpiece definitely does the trick.

source: Trendir

In keeping with our topic on felt last week, how about these felt cakes for the kid table? I’m sure it will keep them entertained and out of the real cake!

source: Twinkle Kids

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