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Lucite Invitations

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I am a lover of all things lucite because I believe they take your event to the next level. When I saw these lucite invitations on Etsy I knew I had to share.

I love how this seller added the nice touch of using the silk boxes for this invitation set.

Inspiration Station- Jolly Rancher Margaritas

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During the summer on one of my many trips back home to New York, while at my best friends barbeque she told me I just had to try her concoction of a Jolly Rancher Margarita. I thought she was joking that she actually puts pieces of candy in her mixer and not a drink syrup, surely those hard candies may break the blender!

It was one of the best margaritas I have ever had. How much fun would it be to have a party, have your guest pick their favorite childhood flavor and blend it with their adult liquor?

Here is the receipe:

20 oz prepared margarita mix
10 – 12 candy jolly ranchers
20 ice cubes

Monday’s Tips and Tricks Vol. 3 – Put Valuables in the hands of those you trust!

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At one of our recent weddings, the bride gave her locket with a picture of her deceased father to her florist for him to secure down the aisle so that her father would be present on her wedding day. The bouquets were beautiful when they arrived but the locket was LOST! Our bride was completely heart broken. We were able to save the day with an alternative but our client was devastated, even if only for a minute.

Here are some tips to make sure this does not happen to you:

  • Give your valuables such as heirlooms to your wedding planner. They will have the goods needed to get the job done and will make sure that it gets back in the hands
  • Have multiple options of including loved ones during your special moment
  • If you must drop these things off to other vendors, discuss what reprecautions there may be in case of an incident such as above

Christine Gallagher offers Portraits in the Park

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Christine Gallagher is offering mini portrait sessions in the park in October and November. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the wonderful fall here in Atlanta with your family or loved one right before the holidays. There are only 30 spots available and they will fill up quickly.

ellyB Real Weddings – Theresa and John

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Theresa and John were married in Brooklyn, New York this past July. They made sure to incorporate all things that were personal to them. For instance, they were married in the same church where John was an Alter server for over 12 years. The reception took place at Rivieria in Brooklyn.

Theresa was a true beauty with her one of a kind head dress.

Can’t have a New York wedding without a visit to the hot dog stand (side note this will make a great impression on your guests to have a hot dog stand at the end of the evening while they are leaving with hot pretzels for them to take home).

This picture of the flower girl and ring bearer is absolutely priceless.

The couple went to the pier by the Brooklyn Bridge for their formal shots.

Photos Credit: Hot Shot Photography

TV Casting – NY/NJ area

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Be My Wedding Guest is looking for brides for their upcoming show. You must be getting married between October-December 2009.

Vendor Spotlight: Blue Point Events

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Elizabeth of ellyB Events had the pleasure of conduting an interview with Zhana Marcelin of Blue Point Events. We will be working with Zhana on an upcoming 2010 wedding and we cannot wait to see what this event designer comes up with. We highly recommend Zhana for event design as well as just florals in the New York area.

Was floristry something you always wanted to do?

No, but I always knew it will be something creative. Both my parents are artists, and I studied art, so it was a natural for me to do something that will be connected with creating a beautiful things. Being in the special events industry for past 6 years, it only confirmed my need and passion for floristry. I absolutely love what I do!

What do you love most about floral design?

I love meeting with brides, and listening to their ideas, looking at their personalities, discussing their wishes. For me, there is no better feeling that create a room with the starting point such as a little bit of linen, a dress, a theme, a color, or a feeling ….

What has been one of your all time favorite creations?

I would have to say (among the others), the winter wedding I have done couple of years ago. The room was white and icy blue, we used shine and sparkle, we did snow and snow balls, silver and white branches, crystal and glass, white silk linens on tables and floors and of course- a lots of candles. The last touch was snow balls “falling from the ceilings”, and an icy blue lights in the corners of the room, it was truly a production, but a stunning one.

If a flower were a couture gown what flower would it be?
That’s a tough one, because I see different ” couture gowns” with many flowers. I would probably be an orchid, or a magnolia three.

What makes Blue Point Events different from other Floral Design Companies?

I am working with every single bride from a very first meeting to the execution of the event, from the first idea, developing it, building it, to the actual event. I work at one wedding at the time. I do not sell flowers to others. I personally go to flower district to work with my vendors on choosing and ordering what I need for every single wedding regardless of a budget. Every bride is different, and I tend to listen to what they have to say and develop idea together with them, rather than have a pre set looks and try to sell them what doesn’t really fit their vision.

I also take pride in long lasting relationships with my brides. Integrity of my work is at most importance to me and my company, and love for design.

Thanks to Zhana for taking the time to share your inspiration.

How fashion week can inspire you

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Fashion week is our favorite time of the season. I truly believe all fashion despite the industry starts right there on the catwalk.

While viewing the images from Rachel Roy’s new collection I immediately thought – glamour, sophistication and style. Her pieces would be a perfect fit for girls night out on the town, rehearsal dinners, and honeymoon wear.

Source: Kamau Yim

Which is your favorite piece?

What would a Met’s theme cake look like?

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We are gearing up for our Met’s couple nuptials this weekend. I wanted to share a sneak peek at the sketching of the cake from Cakes by Jay. As you know he is my favorite cake designer in New York and I am so glad to have him as part of my team.

If you are looking for a couture one of a kind cake masterpiece he is your man.

And here is the groom’s cake.

I will be sure to share a picture of the lovely on Sunday.

Monday’s Tips and Tricks Vol. 2 – Hand cancel those invites!

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Dropping off those beautiful invites to the post office is not the end of it. Unfortunately there is another MAJOR step involved. You will need to ask them to hand cancel your invites.

What is hand canceling exactly?

Hand canceling is when a manual stamp is placed on your envelope to show that it was actually processed by the post office. The reason you want to go this route is to prevent any marking or tearing that can occur from the mechanical processing of the envelopes.

Chances are your local friendly post office personnel will not want to do this process your envelopes for you (even if they promise to do this chances are the minute you hit the door they will be headed for the machine). To avoid this possible poor treatment of your paper lovelies, ask for the stamp and hand cancel them yourselves.

There is an upside to custom photo stamps, since they already come with the barcode they avoid the machine all together and do not need to be hand canceled.

Tiffany from Gourmet Invitations showed a great snapshot of the difference between hand canceled and machine processed.

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