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ellyB Press: Featured in Atlanta Occasions Summer 2010 Issue

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Featured in Occasions Magazine

If you haven’t picked up the latest issue of Atlanta Occasions Magazine, it’s a must see.  This coffee table magazine is filled with tons of real events with an overload of inspiration.  Featuring the top wedding and event professionals in Atlanta, I am so proud to have the coverage of the Not Wedding 2010 grace the pages of the current issue. We worked with a fabulous team of vendors on this event. Take a peek at some of the fab designs and inspiration below.

OccasionsMag_Summer2010_TheNotWedding_Page_1OccasionsMag_Summer2010_TheNotWedding_Page_5  OccasionsMag_Summer2010_TheNotWedding_Page_2 OccasionsMag_Summer2010_TheNotWedding_Page_3 OccasionsMag_Summer2010_TheNotWedding_Page_4

Wedding Details: Custom Address Stamp

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A personal added touch is what gets you the Oooohh’s and Aahhhh’s for your wedding day.  We love these stamps because not only can use them for your wedding day paper goods, but they can be used after the big day for all of your couple mailings such as thank you cards, holiday cards, or any mail that is being sent.

Since you will not be a married couple before your wedding day, think about using just your first and last names with the address you will share as a couple if you have that already.  As inexpensive as these stamps are, if you needed to purchase another one after the big day it would be no big deal.

Make sure to use a font that you are using on other items so there is a consistent flow.

Source: Primele

Source: Paper Finger

Decor Ideas: Wedding Succulents

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A couple of years ago whenever you mentioned to a bride to have green in her florals you would see an instant cringe.  We were so used to the photos of the 80’s where there was more greenery then actual flowers.  Some florists over killed centerpieces and bouquets with enough greenery to start a mini garden. 

Thankfully now greenery is acceptable.  I believe a lot of that has to do with the choice of flowers now being used.  A carefully placed banana leaf or the use of succulents have proven that not only are they beautiful, but they add a bit of texture with lovely design. Take  a look at the following pictures and let your imagination run wild with how these designs carefully used succulents to achieve an amazing look.

succulent bouquet

succulent centerpiece

Source: Wedding Bee


Source: In the Bloom Event Design

Succulent Wedding

Source: Style Me Pretty

Bridal Resource: Weddzilla

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PastedGraphic-2 We recently had the opportunity to chat with Sara the Director of Marketing for Weddzilla and she shared with us all the fabulousness that Weddzilla has to offer.  Please see the interview below that she shared with fellow bloggers:

1. What is your role within Weddzilla?

Weddzilla.com is the first website in the wedding industry to fully integrate the wedding planning process into popular social networks. Weddzilla.com leverages the power of community to simplifying the wedding planning process for our Nearlyweds. It’s all about connecting them with their perfect vendors and making their wedding planning easy, social, and fun.
Our focus is on bringing offline word-of-mouth to an online platform and the tools we give vendors access to will help connect them with Nearlyweds in a more efficient way.

2. How is Weddzilla changing the game for online wedding planning?
Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun!  With a million sites out there focusing on selling brides something, Weddzilla aims to make their planning experience easier. 

We created each feature with the thought that if it didn’t simplify something it didn’t make it on Weddzilla.  Brides and vendors both appreciate how Weddzilla cuts out the guessing and wasted time.  

3. What is the one feature you would highlight for Wedding Professionals to use?
The Weddifieds is hands down the game changer for Wedding Professionals.  While sites like the Knot, Onewed, and Wedding Wire charge for leads, Weddzilla’s Weddifieds allows Vendors to get alerted for FREE when a brides is looking for them.   When we were building the Weddifieds from the feedback of users of other sites – we got the same thing over and over again.  “Find a way for me to cut out working with all the unqualified leads, and you will have my business”.  Vendors can now do just that.  Vendors can browse “Posts” on the Weddifieds or set filters to only receive leads within a certain budget range, or location and view qualified leads in their dashboard.  

4. What is the one feature you would highlight for Nearlyweds to use?
Well there are two really.  The Posts and the Weddmark. When we talk to brides one of the things they hated was having to call and e-mail  so many vendors during their planning process.  They would spend weeks and month going back and forth with vendors only to find out they were booked or out of their budget.  That will never happen again when a Nearlywed creates posts on Weddzilla.  They can now tell specific categories of vendors exactly what they need with budget range, wedding dates, and important details once and let the vendors come to them.  These posts live on the Weddifieds I mentioned before…which vendors search and submit quotes to brides that are within their budgets.  Vendors have to stay within your budget to quote and we don’t sell them your info like other sites.  We organize any quotes you receive right there attached to the post so a Nearlywed can view and compare easily.  
I can’t go without mentioning the Weddmark though because it’s my favorite tool on our site.  We know Nearlyweds are looking everywhere for inspiration and wanted to give them a new way to collect and organize it. When you add this Weddmark to your browser toolbar and browse other websites and find an image you like – you can click it and we magically strip all the text off the page and leave you only images to select from.  In a few clicks you can add something to your Weddzilla collection to look at later, share with your bridal party to get their opinions, or use for an inspiration board.

5. Do you do Webinars or educational series to help Nearlyweds or Vendors?
We want to be a resource for brides and vendors alike. Our current educational series focuses on social media. I can’t tell you how many times I have talked with wedding professionals and heard them say "I know that I need to be engaging brides via social media, but I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start."
That’s why we created our social media presentation called “Social or Die.” Making social media a part of your daily business routine is a lot simpler than you may think and our “Social or Die” presentation is takes a straight-shooting approach to help wedding professionals “get real” about how to grow their business through social media.

6. Tell us about your experience (an anecdote) about working with an up-and-coming internet company. What has the journey been like?
We have definitely had our share up ups, downs, and everything in between.

Every Friday we have a weekly roundup call to make sure we keep in touch with everyone on our team no matter where they are.  My favorite part of the call is when one of our team members has to sit on the “Hot Seat” and everyone gets to fire one question at them. The question can be on any topic and needless to say, the calls always end up very interesting! The lucky “Hot Seat”-er also has to accept a work-related challenge with a funny wager attached if they don’t meet their goal by the following Friday. People have had to shave only half their beard for the day, go to work in a Mu Mu, and even reenact the “Dennis Quaid is Here!” skit from the Ellen Degeneres for You Tube.  Just another day in the life at Weddzilla.

It’s hard not to imagine it now – we have a great team and have a ton of fun.  We do a lot of crazy things, pull stunts, pranks, and probably have had an HR violation or two – but we all love working with each other and that’s what’s so cool about it.  Being a startup means that its about passion – and it’s not about a job.  We are all passionate about Weddzilla and I think it shows in everything we do.  

7. Tell us about your gurus. How did you pick them? What will they be bringing to the Weddzilla community?
We love our gurus.  And honestly, we don’t use them enough…but that is about to change!  When we started creating the concept of Weddzilla we wanted to align ourselves with the best experts in the industry, but wanted more than faces.  We wanted expertise with weddings, but also wanted them to believe in the power of social media.  All of our Gurus definitely satisfy both of those qualifications.  In addition, we wanted Gurus that were accessible…because in the near future we are going to connect them with our community in a way no other site does! 

We have a lot up our sleeves, but one thing that is really exciting that I can tell you is that we are about to launch the first annual Weddzilla Guru Awards featuring our awesome Guru Panel.  This year we will be naming 25 “Blog Gurus” and 6 of the top 25 will be handpicked by one of our Gurus do do an exclusive interview with.  We believe in the power of social media and are awards are 100% community driven. That means anyone will be able to nominate and vote for their favorite blogs through October 5th.  Weddzilla and the Gurus will be announcing the winners on Oct 6th – so make sure you nominate yourself and vote a million times!  

8. Why have you made social media such an integral part of Weddzilla.com?
Social media isn’t a trend, it isn’t going anywhere. It’s changing the way people interact and the way companies do business. The wedding industry is built around a very social community of brides and vendors. We wanted to create a site that took offline word-of-mouth and social networking and put it into an online format to create that same sense of community through our site. It’s all about engagement, continuous conversation, and instant feedback.

9. I notice you have a Weddzilla You Tube channel…any good videos we should be looking out for?
We actually just started putting up some videos to our channel.  We want to make it a hub for cool wedding videos from our brides, or anything else wedding related.  We’d love to have our users suggest videos to us to add to our site or as a favorite. In addition to wedding related videos you can find tutorials on how to use Weddzilla better, highlights from our launch party, and will be adding more content soon.  
10. What’s on the horizon for Weddzilla? Tell us what we should be looking out for from you guys.
Up first is the Guru Awards! We are all about social media and blogs play a huge role in the wedding community and we can’t wait to award 25 great blogs our Blog Guru 2010 title! 

On the horizon are an iPhone app for Nearlyweds…if you thought the Weddmark was cool, wait till you see the iPhone app…It’s going to be addictive!

We have a whole bunch of new site features coming soon.  The Ideabook, a new twist on the store, and we will be introducing “Wedding helpers” soon which allow our Nearlyweds to really get social and get their communities or, “wedding helpers” involved in the planning process.


Be sure to check out there site to stay in the KNOW of all things bridal.

Wedding Details: Sorbet

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Sorbet is often served at weddings because it cleans your palate in-between courses.  So if you have a 5 course meal or more, it is best to uncorporate this tradition in the menu.  Below you will find cute and unique ways on how you can serve the sorbet instead of the traditional way – in a bowl.

ehow describes why your palate should be cleaned:

A common ritual in both wine tasting and fine dining is to cleanse the palate. The theory is that it is easier to appreciate all the complex and varied flavors you are sampling if you clear one taste from your senses before attempting the next.
Read more: How to Cleanse the Palate | eHow.com


Lemon Sorbet

Orange Sorbet

Source: Fete Fanatic

Wedding Sorbet 

Source: Evrim Gallery

Sorbet Wedding Ideas

Source: Herb Companion

Sorbet Ice Cream Cones

Source: Tackeff Photo

Celebrity Weddings: Hilary Duff

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So its official, almost all of the celebrities so far this year were married in Vera Wang gowns.  Wish I could see a better picture of Hillary Duff’s gown but I may have to wait and see it on the newsstands.  As a planner the first thing we look at is the table decor and what little details were incorporated.

Let me know what you think about the overall wedding based on the pictures below:



Hilary Duff Wedding

Source: Perez Hilton

Nesting Ideas Volume 1

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Sometimes it is good to take a break from all your wedding planning and begin thinking of ideas of how you will begin nesting in your new home. After all leave all the heavy thinking and stress to your wedding planner.

As we know there are a slew of wedding planning blogs out there, can you imagine how many are dedicated to home improvement and home inspiration?  One of my favorites is Censational Girl. She is so chic with her ideas and finds you can virtually get lost on her site! Loving this DIY refurbish on her lamp purchase.

Lamp DIY

lamp DIY after

All for about 40 BUCKS!

Loving it.

Thank you card picture ideas

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Less and less we are seeing that infamous picture that lasted for a few years where the couple posed with a parasol that read the words THANK YOU for them to use as their thank you card picture.  Lately I have seen more and more brides are starting to get creative and use props such as banners or sparklers to give a new twist on things.

Wedding Thank You Card Banner

Source: 100 Layer Cake

What are some unique ways you are thinking of posing for your thank you picture?

Groom’s Shower: Stock the Bar Party!

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Last week while visiting one of my couples, they brought up this insanely awesome idea of a stock the bar party. I had to admit I had no idea what they were talking about and why would they need their monogram for Koozies and glasses. As it turns out this is an amazing idea for a Groom’s shower.

I had to look up the information to share with my readers:

A unique and entertaining wedding shower is a "Stock the Bar" event. The purpose of this shower is to provide wine or cocktail-related gifts to "stock the bar" of the bride and groom. A member of the wedding party or a close friend of the bride and groom can host this shower. It is more appropriate to host this event in the evening at the home of the host and/or hostess.

When creating invitations for the "Stock the Bar" shower, be sure to clearly specify the theme. (See below for suggested themes.) You may also want to include some gift tips and suggestions (see below).

Stock the Bar Theme Ideas
Here are a few ideas to consider for the "Stock the Bar" shower:
Glassware is an important necessity to complete the well-stocked bar and a great gift for the couple. The amateur bartender should have at least eight (8) of the following:
-Highball glasses (approximately 8-ounces each)
-Old-fashioned "rocks" glasses (approximately 8 – 10-ounces each)
-Tall / Collins glasses (approximately 14 – 16-ounces each)
-White wine glasses
-Red wine glasses
-Martini glasses
-Pilsner glasses or beer mugs
-Champagne flutes
-At least one glass pitcher for serving beer, margaritas or other beverages
If the bride and groom are wine lovers, consider gifts such as wines bottled during the year of their engagement or wedding. Also consider gifts of stemware, wine coasters, wine glass charms. A nice corkscrew/bottle opener is also a great addition.
-For martini lovers, suggest specific items such as vodka, gin and exotic garnishes.
-A margarita theme might include bottles of tequila, Triple Sec and mixers combined with festive margarita pitchers and glasses. Don’t forget, the frozen margarita requires a blender.

Most guests will bring liquor, wine or a specialty liqueur to a "Stock the Bar" shower, but the idea is to also include barware. Here are a few suggestions you might want to pass along to the invited guests:
-Jiggers, or a measuring glass.

-Bar tools, such as a bar spoon with a long handle and muddler (especially for Mint Julep fans!), unique corkscrews and bottle openers, citrus reamer or juicer, citrus zester, ice bucket with tongs, coasters or cocktail napkins (both would be preferable), straws (short and tall) along with salt and sugar (for rimming glasses).
-Martini pitcher with stirrer, glasses and a martini shaker.
-Gourmet garnishes, such as almond or garlic-stuffed olives for martinis, onions for gimlets, and dried ginger or citrus zests for classic and exotic drinks.
-Unique mixers and liqueurs, such as Triple Sec, Cointreau, and Chambord.
-Consider giving a few beverage tubs to accommodate cold drinks during summer gatherings.
-And don’t forget the everyday mixers such as juices, sodas and citrus fruits for fresh squeezed juices.

Article Source: Associated Content

Wondering how you can get the word out on this unique party idea? Loving these invitations I have found:

Photo Source

Photo Source: Paper Nest

Ideas for 1000 Paper Cranes

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For some reason Paper Cranes make me happy. I love what they stand for and how they are usually creatively displayed throughout my clients’ wedding reception.

Imagine my giddiness as I saw one of my favorite photographers Altmix Photography post images on their blog from one of their recent weddings.  The brilliant couple decided to use the 1000 cranes as a backdrop for their nuptials. Gone is the traditional chuppa or two pieces flanking the alter space.

1000 Paper Cranes Wedding

1000 Paper Cranes, Atlmix Photography

You have to check out this wedding on Altmix’s blog!

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