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2010 you have been…

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Simply amazing! As I reflect on 2010, I realize how blessed I am. Of course there were good and bad times but I am blessed to still be married to an amazing man, a son that I adore more and more each day, my amazing mother, father and family that are still with me and able to celebrate the little things, and my clients who are just not clients to me but my friends.

I am a firm believer God puts people and situations in your lives for a reason. I am grateful for those good or bad things because each were attached with valuable lessons that I have learned from and which in turn will make me a better person for 2011.

I pondered back and forth if I wanted to showcase each of my weddings or events I have done this year and I decided I didn’t want to do that. It would be too much of a saying goodbye to my couples as if I am over them and on to the next. Nope we won’t do it and plan to keep bringing you the goodness in 2011.

As my good friend Shameeka from The Broke Socialite tweeted this morning; Warning, it’s about to be a #Takeover in #2011. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

We would love to hear how you are bringing in the new year and what are your plans for 2011 so please leave a comment and share.

Be safe! We love you.


Midweek STYLE Society: Roundup from Top Lifestyle Bloggers Vol. 3 #Stylesociety

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This week’s Midweek STYLE Society roundup is a little light, but it’s to be expected given we’re between Christmas and New Year’s!  What we’ve gathered this week is a menagerie of stylish items from DIY chandelier to gift guides to reviews of fabulously stylish stores and designers!





Fantastic Find: Unique Guest Book Alternative

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We have seen the traditional flat wedding guestbook for years now, we still love them but we think it is time to switch it up a bit! After all having 100 people stand in line to sign one book often causes a line and causes you missed signage.  What I love about these recipe box guest books, is that you can have several people fill and file out the cards at once. You will not have guests decide to join the bar line instead.

Pink and White Mums Guest Book Alternative

Lanterns Guest Book Alternative

Pretty Paisley Guest Book Alternative

Head over to Le Chic Boutique for more one of a kind wedding and nesting items.

TMRWEE2 – The Main Event

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So now on to the big event.  Now it is time to show off this amazing event.  Still crappy photos, so please excuse but I wanted to show you goodness. The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever 2, was held at the Bookbindery.  Wedding Pros had the chance to be inspired, hang with their peers as well as brides.


Check out all of these last minute emergency kit that Mindy as and her crew display in the suite for the bride and the bridesmaids just in case they forget or need anything. Totally love the idea.

Just love all of the use of all the lounge furniture, mirrors and unique centerpieces that were used throughout space.

Loved all of the HUGE balloons that were hung throughout the Bookbindery.




Mindy’s adorable son Alex hanging with the DJ, I see how he is going to work his way in the industry!IMG_0871

In my former life, you know that I had a thing for bling. Anything that involved bling and weddings, my name was all over it!

Did you see the ring paper clip? How clever!

All the flowers ready for the bouquet making contest.

Can’t forget the drink tags.


Oh hi Mindy!

tags had little diamonds attached.

Dying for these black chandeliers for my house.

For some reason although for breakfast we used ole school cafeteria trays, the awesome custom tray mats made everything look so pretty!

Even the milk cartons had style.

Custom Yogurt Parfait’s are a must!

Bag’s for the chip bar. You cannot even imagine how much of a hit this was!


Oh chips are too fattening you say huh? Ok we had a fruit bar setup just for you!IMG_0887

There was a coffee station complete with lattes, cappuccino and some of the best coffee around.

Cleverly displayed cereal bar. Who wouldn’t want a trip down memory lane and enjoy classics such as froot loops, frosted flakes and cocoa puffs.

The cake divas doing their thing


My heart may have stopped when I had the opportunity to meet Elizabeth Messina. What can I say about her that hasn’t been said already? Elizabeth art makes me fall in love with love all over again.

Randy looking as dapper as ever.

this guys must have been terrified of my lack of makeup! Celebrity Eyelash Guru Ja’Maal Buster made everyone a celebrity that day.

My sister from another mutha! Dana from the Broke Ass Bride clearly had the best shades in the house.  I was secretly hoping that Fresh Hubby would break out in his Will Smith rap, no dice.IMG_0874

Mindy was having a true Oprah moment and gave out gifts to the audience every hour.IMG_0876  IMG_0877



Ok my peoples that is all from this fabulous event.  I can only suggest that you make it next year!

TMRWEE2 – A day at Mindy Weiss’ office

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So the next day we kinda had to force Mindy to let us help out. Although we were in town just to attend the ridiculous event, why not help out our amazing friend and get to work alongside her an her awesome staff? We went to Mindy’s office for a tour then began to pack up all of the items we would need for the event.

Miss ya face Min!

The office of Mindy Weiss is located in Beverly Hills and is so large all of these photos do not do i justice.  We just love he double doors that lead into the main office area. Below is the waiting room.

Here is something you may not know about Mindy, she collects vintage cake toppers.

Here is where the magic happens! How much do you love Mindy’s coordinating colored chair?

This was just one of the many magazine feature collages.

Only super fab people would have a chandelier in their storage closet

A room just for gift wrapping..I DIE

Now off to the event we go…

TMRWEE2 – A day with Lehr and Black

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Now on to my crappy non-pro pics (did you see the first part of my review?).  On the very first day Cassandre and I were in town we spent the day with Ellen at her office.  It is absolutely beautiful! To meet her staff and see how all the magic happens for celebrity invitations, was like walking into a magical land you only hear about in books. Oh and we had the joy of lending a hand and helping create and invite from scratch.

Here are some pics of the Lehr and Black invites that were displayed at the event:

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s wedding invites

Ryan and Trista Stutter

Lala Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Fergie and Josh Duhamel

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odin

Shaq Oneal Invites made an appearance

Love this runway invite

All I know I want someone to send me this invite in the mail ASAP!

Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

Yes this is a Willy Wonka invite complete with a chocolate bar!

More to come…

The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever 2

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In 2010 I have done things I never thought possible such as pursuing running ellyB Events full time.  Obtaining clients that are not only awesome and totally in love, but become my lifelong friends. Working with the Outstanding Occasions team to take ellyB to the next level.  Going to Engage!10 and meeting people that I admired from far or only saw on TV. Then heading to LA to attend my new found friend Mindy Weiss’s Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever.

I bet you are wondering exactly what this event is about! Ok grab the hot cocoa let me fill you in.  So Mindy Weiss who I am sure you all know and love, throws this event for brides and wedding pros and it is simply ridiculous! All of the details, people, decor are simply over the top and therefore ridiculous.  It is a great time to get inspired, meet great people and DANCE!

I had the opportunity to get to spend several days with Mindy and the equally amazing Ellen Black of Lehr and Black. I also had the chance to hang with the Junebug Weddings girls; Christy, Blair and Kim. Below are professional images from Junebug. Please head to their site for more coverage.


Mindy Weiss' Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever 2! Bridal bootcamp classroom with top wedding professionals, photos by John and Joseph Photography and Junebug Weddings

Mindy Weiss' Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever 2! Bridal bootcamp classroom with top wedding professionals, photos by John and Joseph Photography and Junebug Weddings

Stay tuned for more event coverage…

Celebrity Weddings: Jennifer Williams and Eric Williams

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So if you know anything about me you would know that I love my weekly dose of reality TV.  Of course I know that these shows are far from reality but sometimes you just need an escape from the real world. I was excited when the fabulous Diann Valentine posted pictures of Jennifer Williams of the hit TV show Basketball Wives and Eric’s wedding that took place in the Bahamas.  It is pretty clear that Jennifer loves pink and it was great to see how Diann took it to the next level.

See more of their wedding pictures here.

ellyB Couples: Alyssa and Brandon featured on Brooklyn Bride

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YAY! This makes a great return from the holiday’s!  We are so excited when our couples get the publicity they deserve.  Alyssa and Brandon on fun, lovable and down to earth.  heir love and youthfulness showed in their engagement pictures shot by Adam of W.Scott Chester at the infamous King of Pops and other locales around Atlanta.

So I adore all of my couples for several reasons. I adore Alyssa because every time we meet by Georgia Tech she takes the time to explain to me what she is getting her doctorate degree in and does not mind when I just don’t get it!  I adore Brandon for his height! I know weird but every time I am around Brandon, he makes me feel like a midget every time because I am pretty sure he is over 7ft all.


Here are a few of my favorite images from the shoot:


Adam I cannot wait to work with you in May! And Vane thanks so much for the awesome feature.

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