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Atlanta Real Wedding – Piedmont Driving Club: Amanda and Jason PUBLISHED!

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We are so excited for the summer time!  Not only is it just beautiful outside, but we get to indulge in all of the summer editions of the wedding magazine world out there! As always it is a treat to see our couples grace the glossy pages.  Congrats to Amanda and Jason who were married last December at the Piedmont Driving Club here in Atlanta.  They are featured in a two page spread in the latest edition of the Atlantan Brides Magazine. David Murray Photography did an amazing job capturing their wedding day. Their wedding was right around the holidays and we were able to execute a winter wedding without getting too kitschy. Just the way we like it! Fall_Atlantan_Brides_Piedmont_Driving_Club_Wedding Amanda_and_Jason_Atlanta_Winter_Wedding atlanta_Wedding_Planner_ellyB_Events

Also congrats to Michelle and Sean on their wedding photo being featured in the Hitched section!  Their wedding was this past January at 200 Peachtree, with this great shot taken in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton DowntownJanet Howard Photography did an amazing job! We miss you guys!



If you do not have the latest copy of the Atlantan Brides, be sure to grab a copy!

ellyB Sneak Peeks! Shaundra and David

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In this industry, it is so important for us all to work together as a team.  As most of us have learned there is no such thing as competition when it comes to event planners.  We are all different and attract clients for different reasons.  I am always honored to work on other planners’ events and even more excited to act as the coordinator for their wedding. Shaundra of B. Moore Events invited me to be apart of her and David’s big day and I could not have been more honored.  As usual the fabulous Ross Oscar Knight already have the pics up from the wedding that occurred less than 12 hours ago (when does this man sleep?).  Check out the sneak peek…

Summer Reading List?

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One of my favorite things to do growing up was read. Any type of romantic or thriller novel series I was all for it.  I would read a book in no more than two days because I kept challenging myself to read more and more. I was engulfed in the world of others and always just wanted a happy ending. Ha, now that I think of it, it pretty much sounds like my current life choice – an event planner!

With that said I feel a bit out of tune. I have no idea of any good series or what I should add to my summer reading list.  Any suggestions?

P.S I have read the whole twilight series.

Interactive Stations – Salsa Bar!

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I think this is just the perfect idea for your shower or cocktail hour. Everyone loves a good dose of chips and salsa and why not even pair that with a margarita station.  If you are looking for a great way to keep things casual at your rehearsal dinner, this might be an even better idea for you!

Check out the recipe over at The Party Dress

Pinwheels – DIY Instructions

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Ever wondered how to make those adorable pinwheels you have seen all over lately? Lucky for you the Wedding Chicks put together a great tutorial for you.  Here are some great ideas for the use of pinwheels:

  • Cupcake Toppers
  • Line the aisles
  • Props for Photos
  • Hang throughout the space
  • Ceremony backdrop

California Engagement Session: Tracey and Justin – The Bride’s Cafe…PUBLISHED!

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The greatest thing is that we have clients that live all around the world and come to Atlanta to have their weddings. I get to see them in their natural environment and then how they transition and make Atlanta all of their own.  I was excited to see these pics of Tracey and Justin around downtown Los Angeles. N Phocus Photo did an amazing job!

ellyB Sneak Peeks! Asha and Bryson

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Honestly I know I have said this maybe a million times, but my clients and I grow to be friends. I am strong believer that as a planner we have to a strong connection as well as things in common. You must be able to hold a conversation with you clients beyond just their big day. Trust me it just makes things so much easier.  Well Brasha and I have that connection. It is so crazy how awesome they are and how much I just admire them!  So with that here is the sneak peek from their big day:


Thanks to Nadia D for the most amazing pics!

The Best SAVE THE DATE TRAILER EVER!!!!! Nadine and Eddy

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I posted this on my twitter a few days ago but of course I have to dedicate a full blog post. Nadine and Eddy, seriously what can I say.  What you see below in the video are exactly how these two are. Nadine is humble yet funny and makes me believe in many things much more than I did before meeting her (she doesn’t know this, shhhh!). Anyway we are ready to bring it for their wedding this July.  Just check out their video and spread the word, we need this viral!


Directored by: http://CreativeVideoMoments.com

ellyB Sneak Peeks! Natalie and Donnie

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Yes we know, we have been bad with our blog posts. But I promise it has been all for good reasons. For example check out this super HAWT pic from Natalie and Donnie’s wedding at Ventanas this past Sunday:


Hang around with me as we await the rest of the fabulousness from Ross Oscar Knight.

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