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Atlanta Engagement Session: Taniesha and Calvin by Evie Perez Photography

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I love how creative couples are getting when it comes to their engagement pictures.  Picking locations and scenes that actually mean something to them so they do not look back at their photos 10 years from now and wonder why they decided to go to a park when they are just not park people!

Taniesha and Calvin decided to go to their old apartment complex and take pictures around the grounds.  The result are gorgeous and natural pictures just how the couple is true in nature!  Their fab photographer Evie Perez did a great job capturing them in their true essence.

 CalvinTaniesha BLOG_6494 CalvinTanieshaB _6140 CalvinTanieshaB _6146 CalvinTanieshaB_6161 CalvinTanieshaB_6181 CalvinTanieshaB_6215 CalvinTanieshaB_6721CalvinTanieshaB_6276 CalvinTanieshaB_6320 CalvinTanieshaB_6409 CalvinTanieshaB_6500 CalvinTanieshaB_6541 CalvinTanieshaB_6685

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