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True cost of being a Bridesmaid

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Normally the first thing couples do after deciding to get married, is then decide who will be in the wedding party.  Although couples are now keeping the number in the party to a small intimate number to include only childhood friends and family, some just can’t get that number down, and that is ok!  What I always encourage people to keep in mind is the amount of financial strain and obligations that come with being a bridesmaids. This also goes to the person that is being asked.  Instead of saying yes and then huffing and puffing with every financial request that hits your inbox, feel free to say NO. This doesn’t mean that you do not have to be apart of the wedding. You can easily be a hostess or even a lady in waiting and doting on the every need of the precious bride.

Recent reports from Mint.com states that the cost of being a Bridesmaid is roughly $1,695, OUCH!  This may be a very HEFTY price tag to anyone recouping from our recent recession. Be conscious of this when making purchase decisions for your gals.  For example, if you plan to have your girls where a silver sandal that you found that would just be perfect with their dresses, give them the option of wearing a silver sandal they may already own. Also timing is everything, planning for their purchases is equally as important as planning all the other aspects of your big day. If you have over a year or a couple of months before the holidays to plan, why not hit up the after the holiday sales to get some of those items they may need?

Check out the breakdown on this nifty chart below…


Check out the rest of the article HERE.

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Monday Tips and Tricks Vol. 6 – Gather guest lists

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During the holidays I am sure you will attend quite a few family gatherings.  Use this as an opportunity to discuss who needs to be on your guest list so that you can have a ball park of guests for your budget planning.  Also take this opportunity to gather addresses. You will probably see family members that you have a tough time getting in contact with through the year.  Your parents will have their address book handy with names and addresses.

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Monday’s Tips and Tricks Vol.6 – Attending a Bridal Show

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As engagement season is upon us, here are some tips and tricks to make sure you have a comfortable day out scouting:

  • Attend a bridal show that is in the vicinity of where you are getting married. This will give you a good outlook of the vendors that service that area
  • Get a good idea of what vendors will be present before attending the show by looking at the exhibitor list on the shows website. This way you can become familiar with your choices and narrow it down to the vendors you would like to see on the event day
  • Make labels with your contact information such as name, wedding date, address or email address. This will lesson the time you will need to fill out information for drawings or to request additional information
  • Travel with an extra bag. Although the show will provide a bag for marketing materials for the exhibitors, they tend to get heavy. You may want to split this load with your fiance or make them carry it all!

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