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about ellyB

Who is ellyB? In short ellyB is you! It is important that your event brings out the inner you. The creative side of you you didn’t know was there. If you do know it is there, you might just need help expressing your vision and transform all of those thoughts into one. ellyB is your alter ego!

Imagine yourself in that perfect setting, perfect design and perfect party! We work with you to make sure the experience while planning is unforgettable. We are by your side during the good and bad times, we laugh when you laugh, and cry when you cry! Our passion lies in building events from the ground up, infusing the personalities of each of our clients, our expertise and exponential resources.

Here is a peek into our planning and design process. We rely on using our senses to build an event:

  • See: What are your daily lives like, are they being shown at your event? When people walk in we make sure they see your personality!
  • Hear: The key for us is communication. We want to hear it all! Too much information is never enough. 
  • Touch: Now that we see your design and hear your plans, we bring the event to life by infusing textures that evoke the senses. 
  • Smell: Together we explore different floral elements that reflect your personality and style 
  • Taste: We love tastings! We make sure your event has an array of various food elements from comfort to five star dining to provide the culinary touch your event deserves. Come on who does not like a good cake or food tasting?! 

We are party planners! We are here to make sure you have a good party, one that you and your family can be proud of. We are a planning and design firm that specializes in creating each event around elements that are unique and personal to our clients. We enjoy each and every detail from the single tear drop that falls from your fiancé’s eyes to the laughter created from the blending of two families to the detail that leaves your guests speechless. We currently hold offices in Atlanta, Georgia as well as New York, New York. We have our passports ready and are available for travel worldwide.

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