2010 will be our year!

Whoever you are you are in need of a better 2010. The recession has touched each and every one of us in some way some how. Whether its our loved ones or directly, 2010 can serve to be better.

I am not a big resolution person because I feel that most forget what it is by no later than March, so I have decided to jot down everything I would like to accomplish in each quarter of 2010. I also plan to get an accountability partner to make sure it happens!


What are you going to turnaround in 2010?

One thought on “2010 will be our year!”

  1. Happy New Year! I just wanted to say “ditto” on having an accountability partner or two. It works. It is great to have someone you can trust to discuss business goals and intentions with and who can hold you accountable and even bounce ideas or talk through challenges in your business. I always look forward to my business chats with my accountability partners. When you get your accountability partner, be sure to setup a routine or designated time each week or at least biweekly to speak with your accountability partner. Also, don’t forget to set objectives for each of your business chats. Best wishes!!

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