Atlanta Running of the Brides Event…and GIVEAWAY!

Brides, if you have not purchased your wedding gown yet, and would like to have some fun with your bridal party, this may be the event for you. Join other brides as you join the mad dash to getting the gown of your dreams at way below retail costs.

About 2,200 gowns were available for $249, $499 and $699.

The lovely Lei Lydle from listed some amazing tips to help you get through the mayhem:

Tips For Success

Since this may be something new to you, following are some tips for success from the Filene’s Web siteand my comments as well:

  1. Get there early or get there late.
    Evidently, there is a better selection early but less frenzy later.
  2. Leave all men at home, but do bring female help.
    I imagine it could be strange for men since there will be hundreds of women stripping down right there in the store…
  3. Identify your team.
    This is quite funny but I imagine it is helpful. The Filene’s Web site suggests you and your "team" wear matching colors, hats, etc. (something that will help you find each other in a crowd…)
  4. What to wear:
    Leotard or sports bra and bike shorts to try on dresses anywhere, sneakers of comfortable shoes…
  5. Leave your handbags at home.
    Carry your belongings in a fanny pack or have a friend carry them.
  6. Think creatively.
    Since these dresses are so inexpensive, it may be worth the cost of alterations if the gown you love doesn’t fit perfectly.
  7. Be open-minded.
    Certain dresses look best on certain bodies. Don’t pass up a dress just because it isn’t what you had in mind – it may look awesome on you!
  8. Be courteous.
    This is just common sense. Everyone is there for the same thing – to find the perfect dress. If you are nice and help someone out they will be nice and help you – I hope!
  9. Be fair.
    Again, everyone is there for the same thing. So give up your dresses as quickly as possible so that other brides have a chance to try them on.
  10. Have fun!
    Hopefully you will find the dress of your dreams but if not, you will probably always remember your trip to Filene’s.

If you are a bride and plan to attend, share your pictures and stories with us for a chance to win a $40 gift card to the store of your choice!

Tie up those running shoes!

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