Bud Vase Centerpiece Ideas

I have always loved the look of a single flower stem in a bud vase. We have seen them used as place card holders as well as accent décor around centerpieces. There is a strong emergence of bud vases used in groups to be the main centerpiece. At first they were used only in restaurant based events, but not anymore!

You can become a collector of bud vases from your local store or antique shop and get them for as little as .25 cents. They can be dispersed upon your guests so each person leaves with a piece of your centerpiece, or used for décor n your future home. The best part is this can be an inexpensive idea for florals if you are on tight floral budget.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, shapes and sizes. Be diverse in your choices. This will provide a stunning appeal to the eye.

Source: Rolling Meadows Florist

Source: Carousel Flowers

Source: Rolling Meadows Florist

Source: Country Living

Source: Toast and Tables

Source: Team Sugar

Source: Interior Dec

2 thoughts on “Bud Vase Centerpiece Ideas”

  1. I often do this with tequila shot glasses (which are taller than regular ones), and it's beautiful and CHEAP!

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