Decor Ideas: Wedding Succulents

A couple of years ago whenever you mentioned to a bride to have green in her florals you would see an instant cringe.  We were so used to the photos of the 80’s where there was more greenery then actual flowers.  Some florists over killed centerpieces and bouquets with enough greenery to start a mini garden. 

Thankfully now greenery is acceptable.  I believe a lot of that has to do with the choice of flowers now being used.  A carefully placed banana leaf or the use of succulents have proven that not only are they beautiful, but they add a bit of texture with lovely design. Take  a look at the following pictures and let your imagination run wild with how these designs carefully used succulents to achieve an amazing look.

succulent bouquet

succulent centerpiece

Source: Wedding Bee


Source: In the Bloom Event Design

Succulent Wedding

Source: Style Me Pretty

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