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After all the socializing and dancing, guests may be craving a little snack to enjoy on the way home. We’ve got a few ideas to help satisfy their post wedding sweet tooth.

Large Idea: Have your venue set up a to-go table near the exit with items such as water, hot chocolate and muffins/bagels for guest to grab on their way out.

Extra Large Idea: Take it one step further by customizing the cups or sleeves on the hot beverages!

Everything Coffee-Tea

Super Size Idea: Wow your guest with a food cart waiting outside in the parking lot {get permission from your venue first}. Some carts carry treats from big named companies. TOBO FOODS, located in New York, offers everything from Krispie Kreme donuts to White Castles and Taco Bell.

Are you having a spring or summer wedding? Book a Mister Softee truck to come with ice cream to cool guests down. They’ll be sure to temporarily re-live their childhood and run to the truck!

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