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Inspirational Wednesdays: Making the most of a rainy wedding.

These past few days here in Atlanta have been some rainy ones and they can definitely make you feel a little gloomy…BUT they have inspired us to give you some “rainspiration” for how to make the best out of a rainy day, especially when it happens to be on your wedding day. With the amount of rain we have already had, and with springtime right around the corner, we all know precipitation will be in the forecast in the coming months. As much as we wish (as planners) we could control the weather, we can’t, although we really do try! Here’s some ways to make the best of a rainy day wedding-using fun props and of course the awesome photo ops! (it’s also a rhyming kind of day)

-Have your bridesmaids in matching rain boots that coordinate with their dresses. 

-Better yet, coordinate your rain boots and umbrellas with your bridesmaids! How cute is this?

-I adore this photo; it captures the bride’s joy, even in the pouring rain, and the involvement of the entire bridal party to keep the bride and groom dry for their memorable ceremony.


-This photo is just pure awesomeness.

-Talk about a jaw-dropping moment; full of love, beauty and absolute happiness of these newlyweds.

So remember, if it does happen to rain on your special day, embrace it! because today you are marrying the love of your life, and no matter what happens, that simple fact should trump everything else.




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