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ellyB Fashion Friday: Black Friday Deal!

Happy Black Friday readers! Hope you are all enjoying this massive shopping day, whether you’re braving the shopping malls or have your feet propped up while shopping online (the route I’ve chose today), we do hope that you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Here at ellyB we have our own Black Friday deal for you from our friends at the Wedding Hanger Shop. They have gorgeous personalized hangers for your wedding dress as well as hangers for your bridesmaids, flower girls, and yes even your groom! These personalized hangers are the perfect detail to make that photo of your wedding gown stand out even more.

Check out the deals they have right now at:


Mason Jar Cookie Mix Wedding Favors

The best wedding favors are almost always the edible ones. And they’re usually something your guests can eat right away, but who wants that when you’ve already been stuffed with an amazing dinner, wedding cake and fabulous dessert bar?! Enter mason jar cookie mixes! The Mason Jar Cookie Company makes these amazing mixes that are completely customizable that you can order in either 4, 8 or 26 oz jars. You start by choosing the base cookie type: traditional, chocolate, oatmeal or peanut butter; and then choose your add-in from over 30 options, from dark chocolate chips to jelly beans. M&M’s are a popular choice for an add-in as you can get them in your wedding colors to coordinate with your wedding. The Mason Jar Cookie Company also allows you to customize the mason jars by adding a custom jar lid label, custom theme the label and also add ribbon in your wedding colors. These lil’ cookie mix mason jars are just too cute!



Tables With Details

Happy Friday everyone, it’s almost the weekend! Check out our latest blog post by our ellyB Wedding and Event Designer, Pia!

“This year so far has brought us many creative ideas for table settings. Vibrant color palettes mixed with simple styles add a touch of excitement to any table at an event. Feathers and crystal-like decorations are also hot right now. What is it that makes these designs worthwhile? It’s all about the details this year! Whether it’s a shade of pink, a tropical plate setting, or even just the way the napkins are displayed along with the menu cards; they all make a statement of your event style.

The tropical hues, flower selections, straw place setting, and the zebra print designed boxes in the photo below, bring a playful yet elegant feel to a spring or summer party. Flowers can be used in the place of a ribbon or bow along with bamboo sticks to add an eccentric touch.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Robertson Photography

The yellow, aqua, and white color scheme below is so beautiful! The napkin is neatly folded over with a yellow ribbon and flower to hold it in place. The aqua rock crystals over the napkin add that extra color to the set up. published an amazing set up! Thumbs up!

Leaves and simple branches make a great substitute for flowers. As long as the color scheme is intact, the styles can vary. Our next table setting shows gold and white metallics. The mini frosted wine glasses alone are a great addition to the table. The gold candle holders and vases add the last touch to the color scheme. Remember, not everything has to be the same color or material.

Whether you have bright colors or pastels, your details make a great addition to your table. It can be small vases with flowers, feathers with glitter, or plate settings in multiple colors, your table represents your style and what you are bringing to, well, the table” : )

Friday Fun: Hobby Lobby Shopping

In between appointments I love to go to local craft and home stores to see what little trinkets I can pick up and use at my next event. So thanks to cell phones we can take pics and blog all at the same time. Here are my Fridays finds from Hobby Lobby.

– milk jars in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Perfect for floral accents or just overall decor for the table.
– for the zebra print loving bride this print may be too much for your wedding day but your bridal party may want to infuse the print in your bridal or bachelorette party.
– we are not done with purple yet! The key is to do it different. Use different shapes and shades in or to make your event pop and unique.
– vintage perfume bottles is a great way to infuse romance and glam throughout your space. Best used for all girls events. Can someone say Elegant Glam bridal shower?
– since we are approaching summer time, if


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