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Wedding Design Inspiration – St. Regis Atlanta

This month event professionals around Atlanta were invited to a night of luxury and inspiration from a legendary event and the St. Regis. I just had to share these amazing pictures from Laura at Artstar Photography.  Everything from the decor to the food was undeniably good.  There is no doubt that the St. Regis will be the definition of all these luxury when it comes to event venues in Atlanta.



                    PF0002_2009121402_0091 PF0003_2009121402_0055


    PF0007_2009121402_0069 PF0008_2009121402_0131 PF0009_2009121402_0045

 PF0010_2009121402_0051 PF0012_2009121402_0030

                    PF0013_2009121402_0031 PF0006_2009121402_0067


                   PF0015_2009121402_0020  PF0018_2009121402_0005

                   PF0019_2009121402_0006 PF0020_2009121402_0114

PF0021_2009121402_0022  PF0016_2009121402_0023    

                   PF0022_2009121402_0025 PF0023_2009121402_0028

                  PF0024_2009121402_0017 PF0025_2009121402_0033


                   PF0027_2009121402_0124 PF0028_2009121402_0037

                  PF0029_2009121402_0038  PF0031_2009121402_0105




Special thanks to the Atlantan Brides for extending the invitation.

Sunday Blog Love – Style Me Pretty

With the surge of engagees looking for wedding inspiration and eye candy, the pinnacle of Wedding Porn is Style Me Pretty. Style Me Pretty is full of everything weddings!

If you are looking for out of this world real weddings, eventscaping challenges from the top of the wedding industry, or a resource to create your own wedding inspiration board then Style Me Pretty is your blog. The blog updates several times a day and has been considered to the ultimate trend setter for all things weddings.

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