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Interactive Stations: Biscuit Bar Tasting Station

Just loving this biscuit dipping station that was featured on Southern Wedding recently. How cute would this for a bridal shower or brunch wedding? All you have to do is gather a bunch of different types of biscuits and infuse different honey and homemade jams to introduce to your guests. You can even take it a step further and ask your guests to bring a spread of their choosing to introduce to the crowd.

Source: Southern Weddings

Inspiration Station: Buffet Action Item

So some of you may be having a brunch wedding and cannot incorporate things such as the Smore’s Bar or even the Hot Chocolate Bar. I encourage you to get creative. There are so many things you can do to have an action station.  Pick one core item and provide a variety of toppings and options. Such as:

  • Pancake or French Toast staion
  • Waffles
  • Omelets
  • Oatmeal or other hot cereals
  • Parfaits

Toppings can include but are not limited too; real fruit, whip cream, various syrup flavors, cookies, candies or nuts will do!

The image above is of parfait with passion fruit and coconut cream. Source: Stephmodo

Inspiration Station – Hot Chocolate Bar

I promise you that anything that is your favorite food can be turned into an action station for your next event.  Below you will see images from Atlanta Occasions second issue premiere party (full post coming soon but I wanted to show off this goodness). This station was created by Bold American catering and boy was it a hit! The Hot Chocolate Bar was full of hot chocolate mixed before your eyes with a slew of toppings such as marshmallows, chocolate morsels, coconut and so much more.

Here you will see the cheesecake dipped chocolate pops. Yes I did take a bite despite my diet. Please don’t judge me!

Here are all of the trimmings for the chocolate bar.

Action station in action.

The hot chocolate bar also served as a great alternative to the chocolate fountain.

All images courtesy of Ben Vigil Photography

Inspiration Station: Glasses as a Vase?

I love the look of being different. Anything that takes away from the norm of cylinder vases or even pilsner vases makes me excited. If you remember my post on Bud Vases, I came across this picture and was very glad to see that shot glasses work just as well!

Just think, you are having a gathering or even a shower and you or the recipent collects shot glasses or you and your fiance has collected shot glasses from every place you have visited, wouldn’t this be a great way to include those personal items?

How many shot glasses do you own and how could you incorporate them in your next event?

Source: Duet-Weddings

Inspiration Station- Jolly Rancher Margaritas

During the summer on one of my many trips back home to New York, while at my best friends barbeque she told me I just had to try her concoction of a Jolly Rancher Margarita. I thought she was joking that she actually puts pieces of candy in her mixer and not a drink syrup, surely those hard candies may break the blender!

It was one of the best margaritas I have ever had. How much fun would it be to have a party, have your guest pick their favorite childhood flavor and blend it with their adult liquor?

Here is the receipe:

20 oz prepared margarita mix
10 – 12 candy jolly ranchers
20 ice cubes

Inspiration Station – Plaid Designs

Another oldie but goodie pattern is the use of plaids. You do not need to go overkill and have plaid in every visible space, but instead infuse the bold pattern in little accents and details.

Love the below idea of bringing in the pattern on the base level of this cake below or you can even just use the design on the cake stand.

Source: Posta Bella

Use it on your cookies, cupcakes or petit fours sporadically.

Source: Baked Ideas

Loving the plaid bows on these gifts.

Favor Studio

Inspiration Station – Flag Garlands

When you think of gardens, instantly what comes to mind are silk florals that are usually placed throughout an event space. Not anymore! Garlands can be anything from flags, florals, lanterns, etc. They can also be made out of several different materials. The key to making your garland a success is to mix it up using different colors, shapes and sizes.

Source: Design Crisis

Source: Martha Stewart

Source: SD Wedding Insider

Inspiration Station – Mason Jars

When it comes to your event get CREATIVE. Turn to ordinary household items and try to find a way to incorporate them by using your unique sense of style. This does not mean to get all DIY crazy, but look to the ordinary to get you extraordinary. Mason jars have always been on the scene for a few reasons:

  • They are available in bulk and can even be purchased in your neighborhood grocery store
  • They come in a variety of colors and shapes
  • They evoke that childhood memory
  • They can be reused over and over again
  • The design possibilities are ENDLESS

Here are some great pictures illustrating the possibilities:

Love the look of these mason jars being used as aisle makers.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, do not be afraid to hang them on near by branches to narrow in the event space and create an intimate setting.

Here are mason jars are used throughout the decor to illuminate the night.

Source: Intimate Weddings

Here the mason jars are being hung on sheperd hooks.

Source: Casa Sugar

And of course you can use them as the vase for your centerpieces.

Source: Lulu Belle Blog

Source: 100 Layer Cake

Source: The Bride’s Cafe

Source: The Inspired Room

Source: Elena Loves Pip

Source: Bridal Buds

Source: Photographik

Source: Re-Nest

Inspiration Station: Peacocks Pt.2

Everyone loves peacock! What I love most about the idea of incorporating peacocks into an event is that you do not only have to use the peacock pattern. Bridesmaids dresses could be in peacock blue while your wedding dress adorns a peacock blue sash. Your linens could be a nice shade of emerald green with hues of blue and purple floral arrangements.

I love the fact that this couple decided not to use the peacock design on their cake and left it white. However they used the peacock design as an imprint with a bouquet of peacock feathers serving as the backdrop. This allowed a simple white cake to now become the main attraction of the reception.

Source: One Source Weddings

This peacock platter can serve as a sign in platter by using a fine tip gold sharpie.

Source: Karen’s Shop

These tablescapes do not have any of the peacock pattern present but with the use of the color scheme you can still see where the inspiration derived from.

Source: idatableau

Love the colors of her floral arrangement with a hint of peacock feathers.

Source: Imagine Magazine

Inspiration Station – Argyle Wedding Ideas

All about paterns and shapes! Here is a next design element that you can add to your wedding. It does not need to be a theme but can be subtle hints around your wedding that can carry out the details!

Love how this brown and pink invitation does not look like Argle overkill.
Source: Jessica George Design

Similar Argle pattern was used in the packaging for these favors.

Charming Weddings

Just love the look of the argle socks in these pictures.

Source: Kelly Oshiro Events

And of course this would not be complete without the pink and blue argle seating chart found on the Knot.

Source: The Knot