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Interactive Stations: Biscuit Bar Tasting Station

Just loving this biscuit dipping station that was featured on Southern Wedding recently. How cute would this for a bridal shower or brunch wedding? All you have to do is gather a bunch of different types of biscuits and infuse different honey and homemade jams to introduce to your guests. You can even take it a step further and ask your guests to bring a spread of their choosing to introduce to the crowd.

Source: Southern Weddings

Bridal Shower Ideas: Coffee and Donut Tasting Party

Bride’s are constantly looking for ways to make sure that each event that surrounds their big day stand out and be one for all to remember. This means that their bridal shower, bachelorette party, bridesmaid luncheon and rehearsal dinner have to reflect the core of the big day. Gone are the days where cookie cutter invites go out and the generic party games are played.

How cute would it be to host a mid morning or brunch shower complete with coffee and donut tasting theme? I would suggest to get all of the weird sounding donuts that people would be too scared or try and bring them along for the tasting. This will allow them to try something new and remember you forever for having a shower like one they have never been too before.





See more pictures from this fabulous idea on Eat Drink Pretty

Etsy Find: Bridesmaids Makeup Bags

From time to time we like to share our Etsy finds.  We often turn to Etsy for inspiration and they just have the cutest one of a kind items.  If you have a bridesmaids or hostess that travels often and loves makeup, this makeup bag is for her.  They come in a variety of colors and the design just makes me want to grab a book and pen and begin journaling!

Bridesmaid_gifts_wedding_gifts_Make up bags

Another great find from Lucie Pritchard’s shop – linen placemats.  Can someone please give me an excuse to use these linen placements? Love love love them. There is something so earthy yet chic about the mat and would be perfect for a wedding shower or ladies brunch.

Set of 4 Linen Placemats - Screen printed fabric

Mason Jars Paper Goods

Having an outdoor event or using mason jars at your next event? Loving these free pintables from Cottage Industrialist! We love how you can incorporate this element with your invitations, custom recipe cards as well as little tags describing your little treat!

Having a “canning” party may be a great idea for your bridal shower, or next girls night out. Purchase several different types of ingredients so that the attendees can can the goods of their choice. Use the recipe cards to swap recipes to try when you begin nesting.

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