Mani For Your Groom

Hands have great significance when it comes to weddings. They symbolize warmth, strength, protection, nurturing, and passion. Keeping that in mind, hands will be one of the things most frequently photographed on your wedding day. Brides are usually right on target when it comes to getting a manicure for the big day, but let us not forget about the groom. Take a look for yourself to see how much a groom’s hands are captured throughout the day:
photo by: Halon Wedding Photography

photography by: C. Bourg

photo by: Neil Crowley

photo by: INMAGINE

photo by: A Moment In Time Video Production

photo by: LV Productions

Make sure to remind your groom that he needs to indulge in some pre-wedding primping and priming. Pictures last a life time and his hands should look just as good as yours. Do you have a groom that refuses to step foot in a nail salon? Solve that problem by investing in some one on one time before the big day and cater to his hands. Remember, to have and to hold!

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