Featured on Weddings Unveiled Blog!

We were so excited to learn today that Molly and Andrew’s wedding was featured on Weddings Unveiled blog. We are so humbled by the opportunity to have our work be featured amongst some of the great. We also have to thank Altmix once again for the amazing images.

The post comes out on the day of the New Moon theatrical opening. Why do I mention this you may ask, Molly was the one that told me all I was missing in the Twilight series and why I must read the novels. I will now forever remember Molly for not only being an amazing bride, but for giving me a new addiction!

Check out the beautiful collage Weddings Unveiled created

Read more of the coverage here.

Ok side bar, did you get your tickets for New Moon yet?

One thought on “Featured on Weddings Unveiled Blog!”

  1. Fabulous work Eliana! Congratulations!

    And no, no tickets to New Moon YET – I plan on going tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait! Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob (in terms of only their character, not the actors)? Me…I'm thinking Team Jacob.

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