Christina Millian and The Dream Wedding pics

It’s always fun to see what celebrities do for their wedding. My favorite thing to see is their dress choice and decor. Here is the official wedding pictures from singer Christina Millian and The Dream (who knows his real name because calling him The Dream is pretty boring?).

This actually was the second set of intimate nuptials for the couple in Rome and they are planning even a bigger affair possibly in their hometown of Atlanta. Christina wore Monique Lhuillier  while The Dream  wore Tom Ford boots.  Now the boots are HOT but on your wedding day not so much.

What are your thoughts of riding boots on your wedding day?

Source: Us Weekly Magazine

7 thoughts on “Christina Millian and The Dream Wedding pics”

  1. The dress is lovely…the boots, um….ok they’re haute but I’m with you…not on your wedding day 🙂

    By the way…love your new name and your new look is pretty “haute” too, ellyb!

  2. Uhmm no to the boots. I’m really not into the “Robin Hood, Men In Tights” look. But I digress. Of course I’m the one who is having custom made Air Force Ones to wear on my wedding day (at the reception of course. LOL)

  3. Are those knickers? Was he going for the Peter Pan look?

    Christina looks lovely. I guess The Dream wanted to share the spotlight more than the avg groom.

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