ellyB Sneak Peeks: Kia and Jamel’s Trailer

Working with this couple and Kia’s sweet mom was definitely a treat. Each and every meeting was filled with laughter and fun and never felt like we were stressed out as we were planning an amazing wedding day.  Kia had only one idea when we began, she loved color.  We decided to do the wedding in Atlanta’s infamous Centennial Park before heading over to Ventanas for the reception.  It was so great to use all the bursts of color without having the colors compete for attention.  We cannot wait to show you the images captured by Climie, but for now the awesome trailer from Rodinis Films will have to do!

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  1. Let’s do that day all over again, not because anything was wrong but for the BEAUTY OF IT ALL. You brought two families and a whole lot of friends together that day with some good fun, laughter, food, and love. I Love you both now do nothing less than love and enjoy.

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