Montaluce Wedding – Julie and James First Look by Studio B Photography

There are so many reasons why I love when couples do a first look.  Let me list them for you so you can see all of the wonderful opportunities in doing this:

  • It will just be you and your loved one for the first 30 minutes. True emotions flow and you get to absorb the moment without being rushed.
  • After you take pics with you and your sweetie, you can then take all of the bridal party pictures so pictures after the ceremony will just be you and the family portraits, again no need to be rushed!
  • Location, location, location; you have the opportunity to meet at a location that you possibly couldn’t travel too during the wedding day but before is feasible.
  • Do a different look, some brides switch their veils or jewelry to create different looks for the look and down the aisle.

And lastly you can get pictures that look like this!


Julie and James did their first look in the vineyards of Montaluce Winery on Sunday and it was just magical as you can see above. Stay tuned for some more pictures from the amazing Rebecca and Studio B Photography.

3 thoughts on “Montaluce Wedding – Julie and James First Look by Studio B Photography”

  1. Thanks so much for posting this!! I think it’s great that you’re educating your brides on the benefits of a first look 🙂 It really is a winning situation for the bride, planner and the photographer. Hooray for first looks!

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