Sweet Ideas: Donut Station

Who would think that donuts would be all the craze at today’s weddings? Couple’s have decided to either opt for donuts instead of wedding cake or bring in their favorites from Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts as a late night snack to be served on the dance floor.

If you really want to have fun and get interactive, clients are now opting for on-site donut frying carts as seen by the Fry Girls and Donut Divas. Your local caterer is also an option for the interactive display.



Source: Wedding Bee


Source: My Wedding Concierge

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  1. Totally loving this!!! My only concern is, won’t
    the donuts go stale from being displayed out in the open? I’ve tried using the mini powdered donuts and they became stale. Maybe the ones covered in glaze hold up better? Cute but stale.

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