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Real Atlanta Event – ellyB and Friends Client Appreciation Event Video

So over the holidays, I stressed to my business partner, a.k.a my husband, about how important my clients are to me. Seriously each and everyone one of them are more like friends then actual clients. I love to sit down and laugh with them, hear all of their stories and share new ideas for restaurants and actually go out and try them!

How could I repay them for trusting me on the biggest day of their lives? How can I show them that they were just not another weekend to me?  How can I show my existing clients that it is all about their planning experience and I want them to walk away with new great memories. Best of all how do I show potential clients I know how to throw a mean _ _ _ party and I would be the perfect planner for them?

Then my hubby figured it out.  We will do just that. We will gather all of them in one room and force them to wine and dine with us. Better yet, we will do it Valentine’s Day weekend because we LOVE them, oh and we saved them from having to take their sweeties out for dinner.

I then reached out to some of my favorite vendors with this crazy idea and they all loved it! It was great because we shared so many mutual clients anyway. Just like that, the inaugural ellyB and Friends Client Appreciation Dinner was born.

So of course when I decided to do this I had no idea it was like planning my own wedding all over again.  Yes I do this for a living but I was so nervous. I wanted to make sure everyone had a good time, met new friends, and of course DANCED. I am glad to say, everyone did and they still talk about it till this day with everyone they know.

Ok enough about all of that. Let me give you a sneak peek of what went down.  This is just a teaser as we will have quite a few blog posts coming up in a few. Three Ring Media did this fabulous recap trailer.  It is only a minute long but you can get the complete essence of the party!

Take a look shall you?


EllyB Client Appreciation Dinner from Three Ring Media on Vimeo.


Atlanta Wedding Event: Wedding Day Hooray – Indie Craft Experience


This event is for all of my brides out there that are seeking one of a kind items for their big day. If you are looking to incorporate a piece or an ultimate DIY item then head over to the Wedding Day Hooray Indie Craft Experience. You will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with tons of artists right here in Atlanta with their products to show off.

Here are some of the items you will be able to experience:

You can see a complete listing of all of the vendors on their site HERE.

May 21-22, 2011
11 am-6 pm
Admission: $10 – Ticket info here.
Ambient Plus Studio
585 Wells St. SW Atlanta, Georgia 30312

Atlanta Event – Bridalpalooza August 22, 2010

Brides to be make sure to check out Bridalpalooza on August 22, 2010. All participants will load a party bus while they tour some of the best vendors Atlanta has to offer.

They will be making a stop to Bridal Bar Atlanta along the way.  We have some fun games and prizes in store. Get your tickets here  – http://bridalpaloozaatlanta.eventbrite.com/

Check us out on the Not Wedding Blog!

We cannot believe this huge event is less than two weeks away.  Have you been keeping up with the Not Wedding Blog?  Daily they have featured each of the cast members with giveaway offers and insider peeks on the planning process.  Check out our feature HERE.

Fullscreen capture 2162010 83142 PM.bmp

If you are attending the Not Wedding what are you most excited to see? If you are too far to miss this great event, what environment would you like to see come to life?