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Atlanta Engagement Session: Shaundra and David – Wedding Unveiled Blog…PUBLISHED!

I know we just showed you Shaundra and David’s wedding trailer yesterday but it is never too late to browse some awesome pictures! Again these two are so cute showing their playful side. This is how they are on an everyday basis so it is great to see their photos reflect who they are in a true setting.






Check out the rest of their feature here on Weddings Unveiled.

Photocredits: Ross Oscar Knight

Atlanta Atrium Wedding – Shaundra and David’s Trailer by Artworks Wedding Cinema

Remember that fabulous sneak peek Shaundra and David we brought you a few weeks ago from the fabulous Ross Oscar Knight? Well here is a bit more of a tease with their wedding day trailer from Artworks Wedding Cinema. You can tell by this short footage that Shaundra and David had the time of their lives! Check it out:

ellyB Sneak Peeks! Shaundra and David

In this industry, it is so important for us all to work together as a team.  As most of us have learned there is no such thing as competition when it comes to event planners.  We are all different and attract clients for different reasons.  I am always honored to work on other planners’ events and even more excited to act as the coordinator for their wedding. Shaundra of B. Moore Events invited me to be apart of her and David’s big day and I could not have been more honored.  As usual the fabulous Ross Oscar Knight already have the pics up from the wedding that occurred less than 12 hours ago (when does this man sleep?).  Check out the sneak peek…

ellyB Sneak Peeks! Natalie and Donnie

Yes we know, we have been bad with our blog posts. But I promise it has been all for good reasons. For example check out this super HAWT pic from Natalie and Donnie’s wedding at Ventanas this past Sunday:


Hang around with me as we await the rest of the fabulousness from Ross Oscar Knight.