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Doily’s as Decoration

We’ve all seen doily’s used on a silver tray, but there are so many other creative ways to use doily’s. The intricate details of doily’s are beautiful and can catch the eye’s attention. Doily’s are great because they can be dyed to any color you prefer and you can easily shine light through them. So go ahead and invade your grandmother’s doily collection and let these photos inspire you for your own wedding!

This doily chandelier is such an awesome center piece to hang over a table. The doily’s on the back of the chairs match too:

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings


To introduce the theme of doily’s at your wedding, include them in your invitations:

Photo Credit: Ruffled Blog


This Doily garland would be a nice touch for a bridal shower:

Photo Credit: Flickr


This doily hanging pendant light is a more modern take on using doily’s. I’d even put this in my home:

Photo Credit: Style Files

Mini Foods: Milk and Donuts

I think what I like most about mini foods at events is the presentation. Guests are usually in awe because they see their familiar comfort foods introduced in a whole new way. It’s fun and adds to the experience. Our good friend Heidi Elnora not only did milk and donuts as a late night treat for her guests, but it was a personalized decision. Her husband’s family owned a dairy so the contents of the treat traced back to home.