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Interactive Stations: Milk and Cookie Bar

We are so excited to bring you a new addition to the interactive stations category – milk and cookies!  Perfect for showers or even a late night pick up me up after a dance party reception.  I encourage you to have fun with these stations and incorporate ideas that are unique and favorites of yours.  Maybe it is a cookie recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation, a dessert that you have shared as a couple, or just the cookies you enjoy during some down time.  Chances are if you love it, your guests will too!




How adorable are these cookie mix favors?


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Groom’s Shower: Stock the Bar Party!

Last week while visiting one of my couples, they brought up this insanely awesome idea of a stock the bar party. I had to admit I had no idea what they were talking about and why would they need their monogram for Koozies and glasses. As it turns out this is an amazing idea for a Groom’s shower.

I had to look up the information to share with my readers:

A unique and entertaining wedding shower is a "Stock the Bar" event. The purpose of this shower is to provide wine or cocktail-related gifts to "stock the bar" of the bride and groom. A member of the wedding party or a close friend of the bride and groom can host this shower. It is more appropriate to host this event in the evening at the home of the host and/or hostess.

When creating invitations for the "Stock the Bar" shower, be sure to clearly specify the theme. (See below for suggested themes.) You may also want to include some gift tips and suggestions (see below).

Stock the Bar Theme Ideas
Here are a few ideas to consider for the "Stock the Bar" shower:
Glassware is an important necessity to complete the well-stocked bar and a great gift for the couple. The amateur bartender should have at least eight (8) of the following:
-Highball glasses (approximately 8-ounces each)
-Old-fashioned "rocks" glasses (approximately 8 – 10-ounces each)
-Tall / Collins glasses (approximately 14 – 16-ounces each)
-White wine glasses
-Red wine glasses
-Martini glasses
-Pilsner glasses or beer mugs
-Champagne flutes
-At least one glass pitcher for serving beer, margaritas or other beverages
If the bride and groom are wine lovers, consider gifts such as wines bottled during the year of their engagement or wedding. Also consider gifts of stemware, wine coasters, wine glass charms. A nice corkscrew/bottle opener is also a great addition.
-For martini lovers, suggest specific items such as vodka, gin and exotic garnishes.
-A margarita theme might include bottles of tequila, Triple Sec and mixers combined with festive margarita pitchers and glasses. Don’t forget, the frozen margarita requires a blender.

Most guests will bring liquor, wine or a specialty liqueur to a "Stock the Bar" shower, but the idea is to also include barware. Here are a few suggestions you might want to pass along to the invited guests:
-Jiggers, or a measuring glass.

-Bar tools, such as a bar spoon with a long handle and muddler (especially for Mint Julep fans!), unique corkscrews and bottle openers, citrus reamer or juicer, citrus zester, ice bucket with tongs, coasters or cocktail napkins (both would be preferable), straws (short and tall) along with salt and sugar (for rimming glasses).
-Martini pitcher with stirrer, glasses and a martini shaker.
-Gourmet garnishes, such as almond or garlic-stuffed olives for martinis, onions for gimlets, and dried ginger or citrus zests for classic and exotic drinks.
-Unique mixers and liqueurs, such as Triple Sec, Cointreau, and Chambord.
-Consider giving a few beverage tubs to accommodate cold drinks during summer gatherings.
-And don’t forget the everyday mixers such as juices, sodas and citrus fruits for fresh squeezed juices.

Article Source: Associated Content

Wondering how you can get the word out on this unique party idea? Loving these invitations I have found:

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