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Interactive Station: Marshmallow Bar

Loving this image that I found on my good friend Melissa from Masterpiece Weddings blog. It shows great potential of incorporating marshmallow’s at your event elegant and classy. I just think that anything that is placed in Apothecary jars just always looks stunning.  Consider having these jars filled with marshmallow’s with a cup of heart chocolate or ready to be displayed in a s’mores bar!

Interactive Stations – Cupcake Bar

The reason why we love interactive stations so much is because it gets your guests active and makes them feel that the event was really created all for them. I came across these images while looking for a new project.

You can get various flavors of cupcakes made, place them on a tower of your choice then provide a variety of flavors. Flavors can include sprinkles, chocolate shavings, sugar crystal, and the list goes on and on.

What kind of toppings would you include?

Source: Flickr