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Cocktail Hour Ideas: Grilled Cheese Bites

Although this post is titled ideas of happy hours, this would make a perfect appetizer for your home, event or any type of function.  As we know grilled cheese is something that is a definite crowd pleaser and most guests would enjoy.  It is perfectly paired with tomato soup and would do really well in the warmer months served out of shot glasses so there would be no need for a spoon.

With Style and Grace has the recipe for the yummies below.

Setting the table…a guide!

As we are all scurrying to get ready for the holidays, I saw this posted on With Style and Grace and I knew it could help out my newly married wives or just anyone that may need a refresher. Setting the dinner table is not always as easy as it seems as I have seen people struggle as where to place the wine glasses or the forks. It is always wise to make a sophisticated presence on your guests.