Brunch Wedding and Event Ideas!

Maybe it is all of the gloomy days we have had in Atlanta the last few days that has us longing for Spring but it is in the air, I CAN FEEL IT!

When I think of spring I think of a fabulous brunch spread (of course brunch weddings are good all year round, silly!) but we just love how fun and unique you can have with a brunch affair. Brunch can be enjoyed on other days besides a Sunday. It also can be enjoyed for all types of events, think showers, luncheons, weddings, meet and greets. The list goes on!

Below are fab finds from fellow bloggers! I am not a huge parfait girl but the presentation of the parfait below is too good not to eat!

Parfait for Brunch Weddings

Source: Made by Girl

How sweet and light (and of course fabulous) is this arrangement?

Source: Coco Kelley

Fab brunch wedding finds on pinterest!

Brunch Wedding | becca rillo photography
Waffle cake? REALLY??!??!
Juice Bar!
Custom syrups to match the assortment of brunch items. SCORE!



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