Go Green & Grow Green

Everyone who knows me knows that I love anything and EVERYTHING that’s organic. So when I stumbled upon this rsvp card on Dream Green Weddings, I knew I had to share.

The paper is embedded with wildflower seeds and made from 100% post-consumer paper waste. Once you receive all the responses from your guests, plant the cards and you will have a garden of wildflowers. Plan an eco-friendly wedding and incorporate these plantable invitations, thank you cards, and favor tags.

We all know that most wedding favors end up in the trash some way or another. Now it’s time to change that habit and start an eco-friendly trend that will have your guests remembering your wedding for a long time.

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  1. These are great favor tips, though I agree with you – so many favors are often left on the table and forgotten! Charitable donations in lieu of favors are a great way to remember or honor a family member or friend without the waste of candy left on the tables. The American Cancer Society offers Wedding Scrolls that can be customized in honor or memory of a loved one with cancer. (acsweddingscrolls)

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