How to look like a magazine bride by Scoobie West

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Scoobie West, a celebrity hair and makeup artist here in the Atlanta market (available for travel).

Scoobie wrote a fabulous article for brides explaining how anyone can acheive that magazine fresh look on their wedding day:

How To Look Like A Magazine Bride

By: Scoobie West, H.S. West Hair & Makeup

Want to look like you’ve just stepped out of a bridal magazine on your wedding day? Not a problem. It isn’t as difficult as you think. In fact, all it takes is a little insider know-how and discipline. One of those—discipline or know-how—is my job and the other is yours. Can you guess which? Well, marinate on that while I move on with the article.

What do you think is the key to having great look?

If you said “makeup,” you’re wrong. A great look starts with great skin is healthy skin; that begins with a healthy diet and lots o’ water! I also recommend that you get a facial from once or twice leading up to the wedding. BUT, do refrain from getting a facial less than a week prior to the wedding to keep your skin from looking irritated on your big day. In addition to the facial, try to maintain a regular skin care regimen, making sure that your products include an exfoliating cleanser and a moisturizer with at least SPF 15. Are you surprised that healthy skin is the key and not makeup? Don’t be. Even though makeup isn’t the “key” to a great look, it is part of achieving a great look.

Once your skin is on its way to being in tip-top shape, it’s time to focus on makeup. I suggest making multiple visits to the makeup counter. Have a makeup artist test out different colors until you’ve got the perfect color combination. If you’re not too skilled with makeup application, be sure to ask the makeup artist to show you, step-by-step, what to do so that you can replicate the look on your own. If makeup application is a major challenge for you, you might even consider paying for a makeover but having the makeup artist watch while you apply the makeup.

By now, you know what to do to get the magazine bride look. So, I bet you’d like to know how to keep it throughout the day. I’ve got two words for you: Multiple layers. Start with a silicone-based primer and follow that up with foundation, concealer, set with translucent powder, and then your blush, eye shadow, eye liner, etc. When you’re applying color, DO be heavy handed. The heavier than usual makeup application serves two purposes: (1) It insures that your makeup will last through your wedding day. (2) It keeps you from looking washed out in your pictures.

You can do all of that, right? Of course, you can!

So, back to the “guess” I asked you to make at the beginning of this article. I’m sure by now that you realize that I was handling the know-how portion of the two things you need to have the magazine bride look. That means that it’s your responsibility to have the discipline. Translation: You’ll need to maintain your skin care regimen, memorize all of these tips, and then actually use them on your wedding day. Are you up to the challenge?

Scoobie West, a beauty industry veteran with nearly 15 years, is the owner of Atlanta-based H.S. West Hair and Makeup. Through his company, West provides custom makeup and hair styling for clients hosting or participating in a wide range of special events—weddings, proms, TV show appearances, fashion shows and more! For additional information, visit

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