I am Indiana!

Hey folks!

One promise I always give to my clients is that I will forever continue my education. I am here in Indiana learning from the best of the best in the industry. Harmony Walton is here making sure that that the wedding industry is uplifted with a perfect brand. Sasha Souza is here to make sure wedding planners from around the world gives you the perfect wedding design. Terrica Skaggs is making sure we have the perfect technology skills for my business. Saundra Hadley is teaching us the perfect design skills. And the amazing Lara Casey from Southern Weddings is here to make sure we have the perfect team by our side.

I must give a huge shout out to Ali Phillips and Linnyette Richardson Hall ROCKED out the welcoming speech. Love you ladies!

Will update soon!


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  1. Thanks for the shout out. It was so great seeing you in Indy and hope to see you soon when I get myself down to Atlanta (which I have to do soon)!

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