Tented Receptions

Tented receptions have always been a fascination of mine.  Tents have the power to transform a space, incorporate themes and bring a more private dining experience to your wedding guests. Many brides shy away from using tents because they could bring an undesirable “commercial” look to a wedding. Don’t be scared, just do your homework! Before you pop up a huge white tent, you may want to consider the new trends of using tents. Here are a few of my tips on tented reception ideas:

Trend #1: Indoor Tents. A tent around each table can create more intimate dining area for your guests and can make a ballroom feel smaller. If you need the space of a ballroom, but don’t want the height of a ballroom, this is a great option.

Photo Credit: Raj Tents


Trend #2: A Tent Within A Tent. This trend is nice if you are trying to create a single special area within your reception, like a lounge area or head table. It creates a great focal point for your photographer as well.

Photo Credit: Tara Geurard


Trend #3: Tents Made of Unique Materials.  Tents don’t have to be white! White can be very boring, if you don’t have room in your lighting budget for creative designs. Try finding a different alternative to the white.

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Trend #4: Open Tents. Tents don’t always have to be weather proof. Let your tent be a part of the natural surroundings. If your reception is in a breezy area, let the tent play with the wind. If there’s a blue sky above and stars at night, let your tent be sheer.

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

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