Wish Upon A Wedding: Awareness Drive Starts TODAY!

I am truly honored to be the President of Wish Upon a Wedding here in Atlanta. So many vendors have reached out in anticipation for our local launch, but we still need more people! If you are interested please contact me ASAP!

Since Sasha Souza has gracefully summed up what this organization is about on her blog, I will post a few of her excerpts:

Wish Upon A Wedding was founded in San Francisco, CA, in January of 2010, by a group of wedding and business entrepreneurs and is America’s FIRST nonprofit wedding wish granting organization, producing weddings and civil union ceremonies at destinations across the United States for individuals facing terminal illness, regardless of sexual orientation.


We now boast twenty chapters nationwide, headed by some of the industry’s most renowned leaders with plans to expand to over 40 chapters worldwide.


Sasha Souza, National President & SF Bay Area President

Kevin Covey, LA/Orange County

Stella Inserra, New York

Ivy Robinson, The Carolinas

Eliana Baucicault, Atlanta THAT’S ME!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Alice Sublett, Tennessee

Mark Kingsdorf, Philadelphia

Saundra Hadley, Indianapolis

Heather Hamilton Sims, Houston

Shelby Tuck Horton, DC

Elisa Delgardio, Orlando

Ali Phillips, Chicago

Daniela Isabella Ferdico Fagét, Seattle

Forming Additional Chapters:

Other chapters opening soon include Boston, Colorado, Arizona, Portland, Miami, St. Louis, Ohio and Nevada.  We are also planning to open to chapters in other areas depending on need including international chapters. If you wish to start a chapter, please fill out the online form for consideration.

Who Is Behind Wish Upon A Wedding?

We also have many influential people in the industry who are beginning to endorse Wish Upon A Wedding, you can find those endorsements on our website. We also have amazing people sitting on our Boards and Advisory Panel throughout the US such as Dana Larue Stiebel “Broke-Ass Bride” {LA Chapter PR Chair}, Leila Khalil {National PR Advisor}, Beth Helmstetter {National Outreach Director} just to name a few of our amazing friends and advisors. We would love to have you join us as well either as a board member or wish granter!

How We Grant Wishes:

To qualify for Wishes, applicants must be unmarried legal citizens of the United States, over the age of 18, who have been diagnosed with less than three years to live. Couples can be granted wishes either in the chapter where they live or in a chapter of their choosing as long as they are able to make the trip.

Couples can simply apply online to request one of three wedding types:

URGENT (Up to 10 guests, in hospital or at bedside);

BOUTIQUE (up to 25 guests, in home town of applicant);

ROMANTIC (Up to 50 guests, at any WUW destination)

How Can You Grant Wishes?

As we are building our organization, Wish Granters are needed in all locations. Please apply online today to start helping us make Wedding Wishes come true. In two weeks, Wish Upon A Wedding will be granting the very first wish. To read more about that wish and the couple please visit the website.

Personal Request from Sasha:

In order to build awareness for this very important organization, I would like to personally ask you to blog the attachment and use the information above during the course of this week…if you have the time and the room on your blog this week.  Please also retweet Download Wish Upon A Wedding for Bloggers

It will help us build our network of very important people in this industry whose main goal is to help these very deserving couples. After all, if you are in the business of creating lifetime memories, we are now asking you to help us create memories for those who are left behind because these couples do not have a lifetime together.

We are still seeking board members here in Atlanta and of course wish granters. Don’t forget to get yourself on the list!

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