ellyB Welcomes you!

I seriously cannot believe it is November. Like seriously? Where did the year go? I mean it has been such an awesome year but give us some time to enjoy it!

This year when I attended engage12, I knew one thing I wanted to take away from the experience besides awesome friends, was a way to set ellyB apart from others in the industry.  It became easy to see the best way to do this was through our brand.  Everything a client gets from us should expose how excited we are to have us there to execute such a wonderful experience.

We seek to do this not only through printed materials, but from the settings we conduct our meetings to the little gifts they receive when they least expect it.  I can share this one as we have so much more in the pipeline (can someone say holiday gifts?).

We have been working with branding expert Sirmantha from Paper Parfait, not only has she been a dream to work with, she can make sense out of my ramblings and make it wonderful masterpieces!

Wedding Planner Gift Atlanta Wedding Planner www.ellybevents.com    ellyb events atlanta party planner pink and blue wedding TheBLoft_0221 client welcome gifts TheBLoft_0223 

Thank you to Milanes Photography for the awesome pictures.

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