ellyB Sneak Peeks: Alyssa and Brandon

So I have to start this post to tell you a little bit about my relationship with this uber fun couple.  Brandon I swear is about 7ft tall. Each time we see each other we must do a height check. If you met me in person you would know I don’t even clear 5’5 so it is our little joke to see how much of a midget I am to him!

Alyssa my darling dear. I still till this day do not really get all the Bio Chemistry stuff she does, but we had fun meeting at Georgia Tech so I can hear all about the lab, then ask her what she does again! LOL 

We are also planning a trip to Thailand (as you can see this is really on my bucket list!) and I hope to share their pics from their Italian honeymoon where they stayed in a castle with you guys soon.  But for now here is a sneak peek of their wedding day complete with pics from the Thai ceremony.  Will share those traditions as well! The wedding and reception took place here in Atlanta at the Fernbank Museum.  Their first look took place on the patio of the Lowes Atlanta hotel. Thanks to the fabulous Adam from W. Scott Chester for the amazing images.

Atlanta Wedding - Fernbank Museum

Atlanta Wedding - Thai Ceremony

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