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Mason Jar Signature Drinks: Cranberry Apple Cider

Looking for an alternative for your mason jars instead of the traditional Lemonade? I just love the way the Apple Cider looks in the jars. Perfect for the for the hot summer months and definitely adds a splash of color and refreshment to your next event.

Look for recipe’s that you have enjoyed as a couple or that can coordinate with your wedding color scheme.  Add little embellishments such as cranberries or mint. Think about using custom drink stirrers with your monogram etched in the design. A great favor idea would be to use a drink menu that have ran in your family for years and pass out mini recipe cards at the end of the evening for favors.

Get the recipe here for  Cranberry Apple Cider

Mason Jars Paper Goods

Having an outdoor event or using mason jars at your next event? Loving these free pintables from Cottage Industrialist! We love how you can incorporate this element with your invitations, custom recipe cards as well as little tags describing your little treat!

Having a “canning” party may be a great idea for your bridal shower, or next girls night out. Purchase several different types of ingredients so that the attendees can can the goods of their choice. Use the recipe cards to swap recipes to try when you begin nesting.

Head over for your templates now!

Mason Jars with handles…

There is nothing like Southern charm then drinking your drink of choice in a mason jar.  While doing some research for a client, I came across these CUTE mason jars that have handles. What a cute twist on the traditional mason jars that we have seen served at weddings with signature drinks?

Here are some great ways to get the most use out of the mason jars:

  • Pick a signature drink with a color so that it pops!
  • Use garnishes such as lemon wedges, cherries or limes to add a little flare
  • Accent with cute drink flags with your names and wedding date on one side and the drink with recipe on the other side

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