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Fantastic Finds: Valentine Fruit Stickers Download

By now you may have seen these adorable DIY Valentine Day stickers by Twig and Thistle.  They are too cute not to be shown again.  We this this would be perfect for not only Valentine’s day but used throughout your relationship just because.  Imagine your honey heading out to work with his packed lunch and open these goodies with the sweet little note, instant WIN!

Head over there now for your free download, while you are there bookmark their site because they are constantly bringing ideas for you to use throughout your day to day lifestyle.

Fantastic Finds: Wedding Fingerprint Tree from Style Unveiled

The fabulous girls over at Styled Unveiled have graciously gifted their readers with their very own wedding fingerprint tree.  Head over there and enter your event details and they will provide you with the file to get your own custom tree.

Don’t know what a wedding tree is? Take a look at the pics below:

Wedding Fingerprint Tree

Wedding Fingerprint Tree