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Brand your Wedding Day!

I am pretty sure when I keep saying brand your wedding day, half of my clients have no idea what I mean!  It is exactly what you see online on all of the fabulous wedding blogs out there.  Branding your wedding can mean several things but it definitely does not mean you have to have a wedding theme! Here is a list of ways you can brand your big day:

  • Monogram on various items throughout the big day starting with the paper goods.  Don’t go overboard with this though. We do not want to see that you are unoriginal and just didn’t know where to place it so it went everywhere.  Small tip – drop the date (if you decided to use one with it) and use that on your stationery, towels and other things after the big day
  • Pattern! Patterns are hot this year. Chevron especially, kind of reminds me of how hot damask was in 2008.  Pick a pattern that is not overused and will not fade in a year or two.  Go fabric stores and see what’s in right now.  Purchasing a bunch of remnants is a good way to take some home and decide. If you are wondering how you are going to get this on your printed items, chances are they might have the pattern on istockphoto.com (search for seamless pattern, vector file)
  • Texture. This is one element that is often overlooked. Remember we are trying to evoke the five senses and touch is one of them! Use a different type of linen. How about a patterned linen with some 3D texture? Possibilities are endless!

I saw these images on the The Party Dress blog and I got so excited to see an event branded to perfection!  Check it out:

Now that you know you are actually branding your event and not playing a match game, tell us some creative ways you plan to brand the big day!?!?

Fantastic Finds: Wedding Fingerprint Tree from Style Unveiled

The fabulous girls over at Styled Unveiled have graciously gifted their readers with their very own wedding fingerprint tree.  Head over there and enter your event details and they will provide you with the file to get your own custom tree.

Don’t know what a wedding tree is? Take a look at the pics below:

Wedding Fingerprint Tree

Wedding Fingerprint Tree

Mini Foods: Yogurt Parfait

There is nothing wrong with a brunch wedding.  Couples are opting to go with brunch weddings not for budget reasons but because that is usually when they spend the most time with as a couple. Or even because that is when the family is used to coming together. If you are considering having a brunch wedding, make it fun and different.  Compile your favorite foods and make sure to keep your decor light and airy to compliment the time of day.

The look of these yogurt parfait’s is a perfect example of how you can achieve the look. It presents the yogurt in a fun way. What would be even more awesome would be a yogurt bar so that people are able to create the combination of their choice.

Source: Steph Modo

Wedding Details: Custom Address Stamp

A personal added touch is what gets you the Oooohh’s and Aahhhh’s for your wedding day.  We love these stamps because not only can use them for your wedding day paper goods, but they can be used after the big day for all of your couple mailings such as thank you cards, holiday cards, or any mail that is being sent.

Since you will not be a married couple before your wedding day, think about using just your first and last names with the address you will share as a couple if you have that already.  As inexpensive as these stamps are, if you needed to purchase another one after the big day it would be no big deal.

Make sure to use a font that you are using on other items so there is a consistent flow.

Source: Primele

Source: Paper Finger

Mason Jar Signature Drinks: Cranberry Apple Cider

Looking for an alternative for your mason jars instead of the traditional Lemonade? I just love the way the Apple Cider looks in the jars. Perfect for the for the hot summer months and definitely adds a splash of color and refreshment to your next event.

Look for recipe’s that you have enjoyed as a couple or that can coordinate with your wedding color scheme.  Add little embellishments such as cranberries or mint. Think about using custom drink stirrers with your monogram etched in the design. A great favor idea would be to use a drink menu that have ran in your family for years and pass out mini recipe cards at the end of the evening for favors.

Get the recipe here for  Cranberry Apple Cider

Custom Details: Wedding Dress Hangers

We have all seen pictures from weddings where all you see in the dress picture is that plastic hanger that you get from the dry cleaners. Sometimes the dress stores even leave the paper body form in your dress.  There is nothing wrong with having any of the above in your dress but when you professional photographer arrives please swap it out and get yourself a picture worth hanger.

One of the latest trends in weddings is the use of personalized dress hangers. The possibilities are endless and can include a monogram hanger, some form of I Do verbiage, and some couples are taking it a step further and customizing the colors with their overall wedding color scheme.

CUSTOM maple wood hanger for wedding gown or coat- hand stamped with names or a phrase

Source: Paloma Nest

Bride's Personalized Wire Hanger

Source: Aressa

The Original Silver Lingerie, Wedding Dress Hanger

Source: Lila Frances

If you decide to go down the custom route, please make sure the hanger can hold your dress before the big day.  If the custom route is not for you, feel free to get a rich wooden hanger to dress up your wedding day attire.