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Last Minute Gift Wrapping Ideas from Paper Parfait

A few weeks ago we gave away free gift wrapping and adornments from Paper Parfait at The B Loft! Everyone was so overjoyed to come and enjoy couture wrapping all in the spirit of giving. The Paper Parfait team asked for nothing in return!

I asked the team to send over some tips to share with our readers:

Gift Wrapping Tips
1. Mix Designs and Textures:
Use a variety of wrapping paper. Having all your gifts wrapped in the same paper can be boring. Also, opt for ribbon instead of a bag of bows. Adding miniature ornaments are great accents.

2. Seamless Design:

Fold the paper around the box and pull taut. The paper should overlap a bit and slightly hang over the edge of box. Crease the edge of box then fold under the small piece and secure with tape. The crease will be at the edge of the box instead of the middle, creating a seamless design.

3. Say No to Generic Gift Labels:

Instead of purchasing gift labels, cut small pieces of wrapping paper and adhere with double-sided tape. The label blends in and isn’t an eye sore. You can use punches or decorative cutters to make different shapes.

4. Save Money:

Buy holiday gift wrap on sale starting December 26th to use for next year. You can also buy kraft paper, which is inexpensive and can be used year-round.

Pretty wrapped gifts make the joy of giving even more special. The recipient will be thrilled ? everyone loves eye candy!


Check out some of the eye candy from the event: