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String Lanterns

If you are looking for a way to go the chandelier/lantern route but you do not want to use the paper lanterns because you feel like they have been seen before, then the string lanterns might be right up your alley.  The string lanterns is the perfect mix of fun and whimsical and can help further personalize your event.

Try a variety of colors and shapes and sizes to achieve the overall style and texture.

For DIY Instructions head to Wednesday Custom Design

Chandelier Tablescape

Nothing like chandeliers to brighten up an event as well as show elegance and sophistication.  We just love the look of varying shapes and sizes along this dinner table. In the picture below the chandeliers serve as the tablescape decor instead of the candles on the table.  The designer decided to bring the wow factor up creating a different experience for the guests in attendance.  It is a great mix of modern and traditional and creates that wow factor that your guests will be sure to talk about for a while.


Source: For the Love of Design

Etsy Finds: Whimsical Chandeliers

This weekend I took some time to visit my lovely Etsy site. Etsy is always a great source of inspiration when dreaming up magical events.  Etsy also serves as a resource of one of a kind items and with personalization.  Chandeliers always makes an event fun and chic. Today we are featuring the work of Whimsical Collections from Five Arm Chandelier

Here is why they are so perfect, they work as your wow piece. There is nothing wrong with getting one over the top piece and keeping everything else simple. It is a great way to have a bold look without overdoing it.

Don’t forget to recycle! Use it for your event then take it home to add to your nursery or office.