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Last week the Pantone Color Institute announced the color for the year 2014 is Radiant Orchid! Clearly they have not seen the many fabulous wedding blog posts and publications for the past two years.

All shades and variations of purple that you can imagine have made their way into the hearts of many brides and grooms. Purple in all its essence of royalty, is exuberant, glamorous, mystifying, and elegant.

As often as many of our clients have added this gorgeous color to their color palette I am still in love with it. It can be combined with so many colors. Bright colors like yellow and orange. Deep shades like navy blue, fuchsia and of course the ever so faithful metallic colors, silver, gold and copper. No matter what season or time of day the warmth of this vibrant color can fill any event with absolute love.

Here are some purple inspiring wedding pictures:






Table decor and details






Keisha and Juron - place cardsal-wed-1304





Other details…..drinks, uplighting etc.

DSC09135Edit.jpgAtlanta Purple Wedding


Fantastic Finds: Wall Stencils

I am really sitting here swooning as I look at all the amazing wall stencils from Cutting Edge stencils.  Imagine the possibilities of adding these stencils to one or a few of the walls for your event and what lasting impression it would make! The stencils come in all sorts of shades and patterns. Let your imagination run wild!

Not having an event anytime soon? Time to remake one of the rooms in your home, the stencils are perfect home decor or accents.

Birch Forest Allover Stencil

Damask Kerry SM scale

Sakura and Butterflies Wall Stencil

Chrysanthemum Grande

Fossil Shell Wall Art Stencil

String Lanterns

If you are looking for a way to go the chandelier/lantern route but you do not want to use the paper lanterns because you feel like they have been seen before, then the string lanterns might be right up your alley.  The string lanterns is the perfect mix of fun and whimsical and can help further personalize your event.

Try a variety of colors and shapes and sizes to achieve the overall style and texture.

For DIY Instructions head to Wednesday Custom Design

Patterned Paper Goods

The possibilities with patterned papers are endless.  You can do as they did above and use them as holders for your popcorn bar display. Use it as backing to your invitation designs and on all of your paper goods such as programs, menus, essentially anything that contains paper.

Remember that paper comes in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes. It can be that missing link and add texture or sheen that you may need to give your even that final wow.

How easy are these cones below?

Check out more images from this amazing green and blue birthday party from Birthday Girl’s blog.

Decor Ideas: Sweater Vases

The beauty about design is that the possibilities are ENDLESS. You can do anything your little heart desires as long as your design concept is well thought through and is cohesive.  Of course I had to share these images of these sweater vases.  Look how simple it could be! Regular vases wrapped with chunky sweaters that can be found in any home or local clothing store, try going vintage!

Head over to the Pepper Design blog for additional details and tutorials.

Decor Ideas: Wedding Succulents

A couple of years ago whenever you mentioned to a bride to have green in her florals you would see an instant cringe.  We were so used to the photos of the 80’s where there was more greenery then actual flowers.  Some florists over killed centerpieces and bouquets with enough greenery to start a mini garden. 

Thankfully now greenery is acceptable.  I believe a lot of that has to do with the choice of flowers now being used.  A carefully placed banana leaf or the use of succulents have proven that not only are they beautiful, but they add a bit of texture with lovely design. Take  a look at the following pictures and let your imagination run wild with how these designs carefully used succulents to achieve an amazing look.

succulent bouquet

succulent centerpiece

Source: Wedding Bee


Source: In the Bloom Event Design

Succulent Wedding

Source: Style Me Pretty

Decor Idea: Hanging Frames

If you are having an outdoor wedding, there are so many wonderful things you can do just the mere environment around you.  For example hanging items on trees around you is a great way to introduce color and personalization. I just adore this picture of handing pictures. You can include pictures of you dating, your family throughout the years. If you want to step it up a notch, have a Polaroid camera around so guest can take their pictures, add a message to the bottom and insert them in the frame.  It is a great way to keep them excited and entertained during your cocktail hour.

Photo Source: Celebrations at Home

Candle Sleeves by Kaarskoker

When having an event you always want to make sure you are implementing an element that most of your guests have never seen before. This is what makes an event memorable. When your guests are oooh’ing and aw’ing, it is usually because you took it  a step further by adding something that was personal, unique and/or one of a kind.

We just love these candle sleeves that are made my Kaarskoker. They come in many different designs such as polka dot, peacock, army or just blog colors. Think about jazzing up your candelabras and making them different then what they may have seen at another wedding. By incorporating your color theme or pattern.

I also always encourage my clients to take all of their hard work that they have done on planning their big day and incorporate some of those brilliant thoughts into their new home together. These candle sleeves are a perfect example of how they can be done tastefully.


Who needs to DIY pompoms?

Sometimes DIY is not the answer. Yes there are many easy projects that can be done quickly and with love on a date night but pom poms or partypoms as one Etsy seller calls them, are not one of them. Some DIY projects can be costly and not that easy as it appears to be. For example, many items can be brought wholesale and not easily available to the public. Other suppliers can require you to buy in bulk. Also the patience and paper cuts that can be obtained from taking on one of these so called DIY projects can be more costly in pain than its worth.

Check out these loves from Party Poms