ellyB Couples – Carol and Kesha engagement pictures

We are so giddy to receive the engagement pictures of Carol and Kesha from the talented photographer Amy Aragon. We are so excited for their spring commitment ceremony here in Atlanta at the Greystone.

I affectionately name all of my brides. I always pick a name that  sticks with me throughout the planning process and will remind me the things they cherish most. It is a name that we share that shows exactly who they are as individuals and how they will be on their wedding day. Carol and Kesha are my Serenity Brides. When I entered their home, there was such a calming and peaceful presence that was throughout the air that we will be replicating on their big day.  There will be heavy use of candles and other romantic elements for their guests to experience.

Here is some imagery from their spring engagement shoot

It may be the city living kid in me but I just love when couples use graffiti walls as their backdrop! Way to b unique and chic!

 DSC_3641 copy DSC_3610 copy DSC_3627 copy DSC_3571 copy DSC_3495 copy DSC_3545 copy

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  1. these ladies deserve love and each other and forever to explore both. um, these pictures are FIERCE!! my favorite is with them against the tree. i just know their ceremony is going to be fantastic!

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