Candle Sleeves by Kaarskoker

When having an event you always want to make sure you are implementing an element that most of your guests have never seen before. This is what makes an event memorable. When your guests are oooh’ing and aw’ing, it is usually because you took it  a step further by adding something that was personal, unique and/or one of a kind.

We just love these candle sleeves that are made my Kaarskoker. They come in many different designs such as polka dot, peacock, army or just blog colors. Think about jazzing up your candelabras and making them different then what they may have seen at another wedding. By incorporating your color theme or pattern.

I also always encourage my clients to take all of their hard work that they have done on planning their big day and incorporate some of those brilliant thoughts into their new home together. These candle sleeves are a perfect example of how they can be done tastefully.


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