Guestbook Option – Roll-O-Decks by Envelopments



Envelopments is the innovator of pocket style invite options as well as tons of different colors and textures that you cannot find elsewhere. Most of the leading invitation designers use Envelopments as their partner in crime to give their clients that perfect piece to set the tone for their event. I personally love this company for their top notch customer service!

Known for going above and beyond with options to personalize your event, Envelopments unveiled the Roll-O-Decks this week on their blog.  They also listed many ways on how you are able to use this such as:

  • Use this as your guest book sign in by fully customizing your own color pattern. Guests will be able to leave you a short or long note of well wishes.
  • If you are using this at your baby shower guests can jot down their address so you can send notes of gratitude.

I wanted to add a few of my own:

  • For your shower have your guests jot down their favorite recipes
  • At  your engagement party use this as an easy way to get guests contact information for when it comes time to mail out your invitations
  • For wedding pros, have this crafty device on your desk and color coordinate with your existing clients for note taking
  • Or even use this as swatch deck to give your client color options for their paper goods

I cannot wait to get one of my own. I will keep everyone updated when this gem goes on sale.

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