Home Decor Inspiration Ideas Volume 1

In the past we have posted a post here and there of home decor inspiration pictures that have inspired us. We strongly believe this is where all event design is created. Think about it. The point of a marriage is to unite and celebrate love. Love must reside in the home in order for it to survive. It only makes sense for the inspiration to start where the love starts!

We will continue to share design inspiration that we find and adore. Here are some great ways to get the most out of your decor picture finds:

  • Look for elements in the photos that you would like to incorporate in your next event or home
  • Look for unique color combinations and see how it just works!
  • If you find a must have item, consider purchasing it for your event then reusing it again in your home, go green
  • You may have similar elements in your home, consider bringing it in for use
  • Find ways to repurpose some of the items you already own!

Source: Made by Girl

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  1. Normally I’d object to black walls, but if i came home to this, I’d kick my shoes of and luxuriate! Nice Inspiration!

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