Vendor Spotlight: La Gartier

The bridal garter is one of the most popular wedding traditions that brides like to partake in. The tradition of wearing a garter on your wedding day dates back to the early eighteenth century. It is believed to be good luck if the bride removes an article of clothing at the wedding. The garter is the little surprise that nobody sees until your groom tosses it, and it will become a keepsake of yours forever.

My fiancé immediately signed up for this wedding tradition as we planned our wedding, which didn’t surprise me at all (honestly, which groom wouldn’t be excited?).  As I began my search for the perfect garter, I was surprised at the lack of choices available. After a huge disappointing search, I stumbled across La Gartier.

Sarah Dobson, the owner of La Gartier, custom designs each garter to the brides style. After a consultation, she immediately began to make my keepsake garter. When I opened the package from La Gartier in the mail, I was thrilled to see my garter…it looked gorgeous! La Gartier makes the most beautiful garters I’ve ever seen and each one is made with love.

Check out these photos below and even more at!

Photo Credit: Scobey Photography



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